Worse before better

by Rachael

I'm a little confused with the worse before better statement.

I started out on low doses of cream and I instantly got increased symptoms which eventually calmed. It did not solve my original problems so I increased the cream.

I increased to 300mg 2 weeks ago in the hope that much higher dose will help. The first 2 weeks were OK but, bang, 2 weeks in and I've got the same horrific symptoms I got on 50mg. But this time, they've taken two weeks to show.

What gives? Am I taking too much now??? I feel dreadful. Like my estrogen is at its highest - but why would it take 2 weeks to show and show up in my luteal phase???

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Aug 29, 2022
Worse before better
by: Joy

Hi Rachael

Often when first using progesterone things do get worse before they get better. Progesterone is aggravating estrogen so it can cause things to get worse before better in some cases. We are all different, progesterone therapy affects everyone differently.

Anything less than 100mg would aggravate estrogen receptors which is not what is needed. The increase will certainly help you if given time to work. Your body is adjusting the to increase. Progesterone therapy is not easy, I wish it was. It take time and patience and it affects each of us differently. If your symptoms are worse during your luteal phase, then use more cream. your body is telling you that it needs more. Try this and see how you get on.

What is your vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.

Sep 05, 2022
Go higher
by: Anonymous

I will say I had to much higher in dose to keep estrogen receptors from getting activated. I had to take doses of 600 mg a day split into 300 mg for 2 weeks around ovulation. Once then I would not stop progestrong for 2 weeks to allow my period to resume. I only had to do this for a few months till my progesterone levels were higher than Estrogen levels for luteal phase.

Sometimes you need the higher doses to suppress the estrogen response.

Sep 22, 2022
Worse before better
by: Joy

​Hi Rachael

I am a little confused. I was quite sure that I answered this. Weird.

Yes, often one feels worse when first using progesterone as it aggravates things. Once the body settles, things will improve.

Low doses of progesterone cause more problems than anything else and I really do wish that those stating low​ doses​ did their research correctly. Nothing less than 100mg is needed. Anything less will aggravate estrogen receptors making Estrogen Dominance symptoms worse. I am so pleased that you increased to 300mg, although 200mg seems to be the amount to aim for. This can be reduced once ALL adverse symptoms have cleared. I trust that you ​kept going on that amount, until your body adjusts.

Your adverse symptoms increased during your luteal phase because that is when progesterone is needed the most if you are following your regular cycle. If you are in Peri-Menopause the cream shou​ld be used every day unless you are TTC. This has been discussed many times on the site. If you type in what you need in the search bar you will find all the info that you need.

Take care.

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