Will prosterone help uterine polyps??

by Jayne

I am a 32 year old female. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15. I've always struggled with weight, facial hair, hair loss, etc. All the classic PCOS symptoms. About six months ago I ended up in the emergency room because I was hemorraging blood. I ended up getting three blood transfusions, and was diagnosed with uterine polyps. I had a D&C and for a couple of months I felt AMAZING. Weight dropped off and I had a ton of energy. A couple of months after the surgery I decided to stop taking the birth control pills and start progesterone cream instead. I continued to have estrogen dominence symptoms for months. All of the weight I had lost plus a few pounds came right back. My energy dropped and started feeling moody and depressed again. A few weeks ago I started hemorraging again, and found out that my polyps are back and more plentiful than before. I am scheduled for another D&C and my doctor wants to insert an IUD, which I am very opposed to.

I understand now that I wasn't taking enough progesterone... my questions is this: will progesterone keep my lining from getting really thick again? I'm very opposed to progestins, but I'm scared that there is something else wrong with me and the progesterone won't help. I can't handle ANOTHER surgery six months from now. I'm so depressed I can't see straight and my doctor wants to put me on antidepressents, which I'm also opposed to. I'm currently looking for a doc that is a little more on board with natural treatments, but in the meantime, have you heard of progesterone cream helping uterine polyps? how much would I need to take for that???

Thank you,

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May 08, 2014
Will progesterone help uterine polyps??
by: Anonymous

I had an IUD years ago and it made me bleed heavily.
I would increase the amount of progesterone if I were you. My Doctor has me taking 300 Milligram a day of bio identical progesterone cream that is compounded by the pharmacy. It reduced my lining from 12 down to 2 but then went back up to 9 now down to 7.2 I think it is a constant battle and I am going to ask if I can increase to 400 mg.per day.
Good luck to you. Oh, I also had polyps, they went away, but I now have one new one plus one on my ovary. I have had them before though.

May 08, 2014
Will proesterone help uterine polyps??
by: RJ

Hi Jayne!
Heavy bleeder here without progesterone. I take anywhere from 400-1000 mg a day. Use Natpro...get away from the compounds and other products out there. I've used them all and Natpro is the only one that has the high amount of progesterone in it and doesn't make you feel like your ready to go into a greased pig competition LOL. Read Wray's site about PCOS and take all the supplements she recommends and meditate....vent your stress someplace. D&C's are just a bandaid....yes you may need it to stop your troubles in the present...with needing blood transfusions...but as you have found out the troubles return. Fix the cause of the troubles and then you won't have to wear the bandaid any longer. Progesterone will not work without the other supplements so be sure you take them faithfully everyday and continue on with it or you'll be back to square one I have learned the hard way when I ran out of supps. It will work for you but it may take two years as it has with me. Be patient, it's been a problem for you for some time and it won't resolve itself overnight. Best of luck and start thinking out-of-the-box. You are the best advisor for your body as you are the only one who can hear it 24/7. God Bless! RJ

May 16, 2014
Will progesterone help uterine polyps?
by: Joy

Hi Jayne

Please read this page on how progesterone can help with uterine polyps.

You have obviously done your research on PCOS, but just in case please read the page on it. I am so pleased that you decided to stop taking BCP, all drug based contraceptives have a potential to cause harm – see here. Whatever you do, do not have the Mirena fitted, this is the preferred IUD when heaving bleeding takes place and they do not know how to deal with it. The Mirena is drug based, it contains progestin which is synthetic, it will create all sorts of problems for you. Read the side effects of it on the contraceptives page, dreadful device.

You will also be suffering from Estrogen Dominance, not only because of the estrogen mimics in our environment today, but also because of the BCP that you were taking. The thickening of the lining in your uterus is caused by a build-up of estrogen, progesterone helps get rid of it. It is vital that you use the correct amount of progesterone concentration for this to take place. If progesterone is not used correctly it will not work, see How to use Progesterone Cream. As RJ mentioned to you, stay away from compounded creams, they do not contain the correct amount of progesterone needed, and most of them come with estrogen and testosterone added, not what any woman needs.

Please, please have your Vitamin D level tested as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, it is also connected to every single cell and it's formation in our bodies, including depression, this makes it vital. I do not believe that you need anti-depressants, what are they thinking? Your hormones need to be balance, once progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, things start to improve, but you need the help of vitamin D. If you feel that you are suffering from depression and anxiety, please read this page.

Hope this helps.

Nov 21, 2016
RUN dont Walk!
by: Anonymous

Run, Dont walk away from your doctor!! Not only are they not helping you, but they will cause a cascade of more issues that may take years to unravel...! Read the books by Dr. Sara Gottfried and there is a great website full of info for PCOS sufferers. Google PCOS blogs and you'll get alot of good information. Shame on your doctor!

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