Will progesterone help with stress and hair loss?

by Julie

It seems that progesterone is the "miracle cream" and I'm not being sarcastic.

My husband is 29 but many people think he is over 40 due to his weight and hair loss. He has high blood pressure due to chronic stress, and his hair loss is thought to be a side effect of stress as well. He doesn't overeat, but it seems the weight just sits on him.

Do you suppose progesterone therepy would help him? He is also tired all the time, and has a low sex drive. Thank you so much!

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Feb 19, 2010
Probably has slow thyroid
by: Anonymous

I would look into a raw thyroid supplement for him. He seems to have symptoms of low thyroid.

Feb 23, 2010
Will progesterone help with stress and hair loss?
by: Wray

Hi Julie. It does seem so doesn't it!? Not only is it the precursor to all the steroids we make, but it has many major roles to play. It is not a sex hormone, as it plays no part in the development of the secondary sexual characteristics which occur at puberty. It is found in both sexes and all animals, including fishes and reptiles. And now a paper has been published Jan 2010 showing it's been found in plants, the walnut tree so far.

So yes it is safe for your husband and could help him. Stress drops progesterone levels sharply, so more is always needed if stressed. It has been found to help hair loss in some studies, the progesterone was applied to the head. We do have men using it to raise libido, it stimulates nitric oxide production, much the same way Viagra does, but with no adverse side effects! But it sounds as if he has oxidative stress, probably caused by a deficiency in vitamin D, taurine and cysteine. He could probably have insulin resistance as a result. Please ask him to have a vitamin D test done. See this web site for more info. He could also look at this web page for info on insulin resistance. A lack of vitamin D and taurine leads to weight gain, taurine also reduces blood pressure. So does progesterone. Taurine is vital for the heart, the eyes, bile production, the immune system. I suggest he takes 2000-5000mg/day. I take 5000mg/day and feel better for it. He should take a minimum of 5000iu's vitamin D per day, if deficient then 10000iu's. Take care, Wray

Jul 12, 2010
Feb 23 - Julia, stressed husband
by: Felix

With ref to Wray's comments on Vit D, Be sure it is Vit D~3 and not D2. I also take 5000 D3/day and do the testing also.

Just started again with progesterone. THIS SITE and Wray are absolutely WONDERFUL!!

Jul 18, 2010
Julia, stressed husband
by: Wray

Hi Felix Bless you for the kind words! And thank you for pointing out it should be D3 and NOT D2. I tend to forget that's available too, and it's often the preferred choice of the med profession. D2 is not found in animals or humans and should therefore never be used. I'm pleased you're taking 5000iu's per day, it's such a vital nutrient but the recommended dose is always far too low. Don't forget to try the taurine too, also vital. Take care Wray

Dec 21, 2011
D-Aspartic Acid vs D2?
by: Anonymous

Wray, In your clarification of D3 vs D2, as is typ available, D3 is the sunshine one. My question is about D-Aspartic Acid. Is this D2? Ive seen studies that D-Aspartic Acid raises Testosterone tremedously (10x?). Thank You

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