Will progesterone help a child?

by Mary Mulcahy

A son of a friend, age two and a half, suffers from...

1. asthma
2. nut allergy
3. Eczema

I wondered if progesterone cream could be of some help to him, or is he too young? He is a twin, but his sister suffers from none of the above. She is the shy one, he is full of beans.

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Dec 09, 2007
by: Wray

Hi Mary my answer to your questions above was too long to put as a comment, so I've had to add a contribution page. Please go to the URL below to see it. Take care Wray


Jan 18, 2012
can I find this info somewhere?
by: Anonymous

hello, I wonder if this page or information can be found somewhere else on the site as it would be of great interest to me. My four yo son has virus induced asthma symptoms and I wonder if progesterone could help him, and what amounts to use?

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