Will estrogen dominance caused by low dose progesterone show up on serum/saliva test?

by Robin M.
(Indianapolis, IN USA)


I am 46 and have been dealing with fatigue/hair loss/low libido, etc. Recently, I was prescribed progesterone, 10mg/day in first half of cycle, then 20 mg/day in second half. I've been reading on your site that estrogen dominance may occur with such a small dose. I feel as though I am a little more anxious lately and tired (although that was a chief complaint prior to the cream).

My progesterone was fairly low (serum 2.83 ng/mL and saliva 42 pg/mL). Estradiol was 173.4 pg/mL serum and 1.7 pg/mL saliva which seemed normal.

I am also on 100mg/day of spironolactone which I'm sure complicates things as well. Initially, 2 years ago, my derm put me on this as my testosterone was on the high end of the range and my DHEAs was slightly elevated. Those numbers are now at the low range of normal.I know this med can cause fatigue and dehydration as well. But going off worries me bc of hairloss.

My doctor has suggested being retested after about 2-3 months to see where things stand. If estrogen dominance is occurring, will it be obvious on the serum/saliva tests?

Any thoughts on spironolactone affecting progesterone/estrogen levels?


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Jul 24, 2016
Will estrogen dominance caused by low dose progesterone show up on serum/saliva test?
by: Joy

Hi Robin

Ah, the dreaded incorrectly advised amount of 20-40mg always causes problems as you are experiencing. This is just enough to stir up your estrogen receptors, not what you need. As you have read on the site, this is not enough, normally 100-200mg per day is needed, more if symptoms are severe. If progesterone is not used correctly it will not work.

You are in Peri-Menopause which can be a difficult time in most women's lives, but it need not be. The correct use of progesterone and the correct progesterone cream will help you through this and prepare you for Menopause. A missed period for 12 months puts on in Menopause, are you still bleeding/spotting? Your low Vitamin D3 level would also have had an effect. Not only does it reduce the benefits of progesterone, but it is connected to every single function cell in our bodies making it vital. Co-factors are needed too, Magnesium being considered the most import. Do you know what your Vit D3 level is now? The Vitamin D3 page will explain what it should be. Your progesterone:estrogen(E2) ratio is 25:1, it should be around 600:1. For more information on this please read the Hormone Testing page. To answer your question, yes it will.

Spironolactone is an anti-aldosterone so used as a diuretic, but it is also an anti-androgen, as it binds to the androgen receptor sites. Hence its use in acne as testosterone causes this, one of the reasons teenage boys get acne far worse than girls. It also comes with a cancer warning - this Many thing can cause Hair Loss, the page explains in more detail. Spironolactone is certainly something that I would not recommend.

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