Wild yam cream?

I am 51 years old (oh my that sounds old when you type it out) and had a partial hysterectomy about 15 years ago. My dear friend pointed me in the right direction about wild yam, but my question is... how can a naturopath doctor recommend and sell this cream if its useless? My relief must have been all in my head, since I thought I was getting some stability in my emotions after starting rubbing the cream on.

Has anyone else tried this cream? Is it really true that it's pointless to take? My friend has suggested that I start Natpro, how much should I be using? Can starting with 1/2 tsp be helpful? Any takers to this list of questions? Feels good to read other stories that sound very familiar.

Thanks all.

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Jul 05, 2010
Wild yam cream
by: Deborah

What is the name of the cream you Doc put you on? I would like to look it up and see what it has in it. I take and use about the size of a quarter of cream and put it on arms, legs, bottom anywhere about three times a day. Make sure you read up on the Esterogen Dominance.. it can be very harsh on the body. Blessings!!

Jul 05, 2010
Wild yam cream?
by: Wray

Hi there It could be the 'yam' cream did in fact contain progesterone, as this is synthesised from the plant sterols found in the yam. It's very misleading, as some use the name interchangeably. It should say on the label how much progesterone is in the container, if not then it is a yam cream. If so it would be most unusual for it to help, as we cannot convert the plant sterol into progesterone. Which does mean the placebo affect would have caused your relief, but this is good too! I generally recommend 100-200mg/day progesterone, it's very dependant on symptoms and how severe they are, the more severe the more progesterone is needed. 1/2tsp will give you only 83.3mg/day progesterone, it could be enough, I don't know what your symptoms are so can't really advise. But for more info please see our web page on Menopause. But if you do decide to increase the amount you're using, please see the web page we have on Oestrogen Dominance as this can occur. Take care Wray

Jul 05, 2010
Wild Yam
by: Anonymous

I also use a cream that is made from Yild Yam; but it has 20% natural progesterone per pump in it also.

If it says it contains a certain amount of natural progesterone in it, then it actually does.

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