Why the docs right away test for cancer....all my friends are going through the same thing!

by Joanne
(Portland OR)

It all started 3 years ago at the age of 43. Periods got weird. Spotting in between, when I did have them I couldn't leave the house the first 3 days they were so heavy. Went to my GYN with the issue. Went through ultrasounds, then had a uterine biopsy (YEA I don't ever want one of those again!) blood tests, the works. Findings? Hypothyroidism. GREAT! A reason!

Got on meds and back on a low dose birth control pill. Fixed everything. Fast forward to now....I am 46. I want to be off the pill as my mom died of Breast Cancer at the age of 52. Hubby is fixed so I don't need to be on them.

So I try again to leave the pill about 4 months ago. No period. Nothing. Lost weight going off the pill that was a plus. Back to a different doc due to insurance change. She wants to do another biopsy - I refused since I had a clear one 2 years earlier and trust me they are not fun!!!!

Changed docs. This one tells me I am just starting the change. Yes I have the Hot Flashes, Memory Issues sometimes but sleep very good.
She gave me a prescription of Progesterone tablets to take for 10 days to bring on a period. I guess they don't want the lining of the uterus to build up. So I took the 10 days. It is now day 8 after taking them and nothing. No period, no breast tenderness, nothing. Just a little swelling of fingers and bloating during the progesterone treatment.

Question: Why can't I just let my body change it's course on it's own? Why all the worry about not having a period at my age?

I am a healthy weight, work out 4 days a week for an hour - heavy cardio and weights. I don't get why I have to bring on a period.

Another question: I like natural option. Have you ever heard of the essential oil Progessence Plus? I purchased it but haven't used it yet. Suggestions?

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