Where can I buy, or what should I look for?

Hi, I'm in Canada and natural progesterone creams are banned here for some reason. I have an American address during the summer months and I usually order my cream and have it sent to that address then just bring it home with me. My problem is that I am running low and can't order to my American address until April-May.

I don't think Natpro is on shelves anywhere, is it? Even so I've heard that natural health stores do carry progesterone creams in the States. It's just that I've heard that many are made with yams instead of ______ (not sure what Natpro is derived from?).

Could you give me some pointers on buying creams OTC? Thanks, and I'll be sure to stock up on Natpro just as soon as I can!!


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Jan 23, 2012
Where can I buy, or what should I look for?
by: Wray

Hi E Yes I have heard of difficulties, but we have many people in Canada buying on the net with no problems. Other than the post! For some reason it seems to take about 3 weeks to get there, and yet the fulfilment house is just over the border in Michigan. I haven't a clue where you could buy it OTC in Canada, or for that matter in the States. I would have to get in touch with the orders department to find that out. But there is another way, although it does sound rather complicated. We do have a customer in Canada who buys 100 tubes a time. She has just helped out someone else there. I don't have her email address, and couldn't give it here anyway, as it invites spam. And she doesn't have a website yet, but she is in contact with a distributor in Cape Town, South Africa who does have one. So if you would contact Joy Lewis on her site, she can send an email to Annette, or skype her, who could contact you via this page. Or via their Face Book page to you, assuming you have FB. I will send an email to Joy warning her you might get in contact. She can then give you her FB details, Annette's too. Or you could look up Joy on her FB or skype. Very complicated! But it might do the trick. Re the 'yam' creams, there are some that only contain the yam extract diosgenin, which the body can't convert into progesterone. But the progesterone in Natpro is now made from yams, but synthesised in a lab first. Thanks for supporting Natpro! Take care Wray

Jan 27, 2012
by: E

Thank you so much Wray, I just sent her an e-mail via the link to the website that you posted :-) That was very thoughtful of you!

Jan 28, 2012
by: Wray

Hi E I'm so delighted my rather strange route worked! Joy told me. But why not try her suggestion and order off the web site. As I've said, and Joy too, many women get it with no problem. If it works for them why not you? Now you're in contact with Joy via email, you'll find her a delight and very helpful. If you want to try ordering it, her order page is here. Take care Wray

Jan 30, 2012
Progesterone in Canada
by: Tracky101

Hi: I am from Canada

I get my prescription set up at a compounding pharmacist and then take what I need to my GP Doctor and she signs the form, and presto back to the pharmacist. I have no problem getting my prescription.
I live on Vancouver Island, BC

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