Where am I


I dont feel as lost as I did last year, but I still cant find half myself. The anxiety has replace that part of me but Im fighting back. My question to you is, have you head of TravaCore? I've seen alot of great reviews on TravaCore, BUT it has only SOME of the vitamins listed on your Anxiety page. Do you have a list of what brands you recommend? I did have my Vitamin D check a year ago and it was around 32 or 23, it was really low,but I never took my drops but after reading "Progesterone and Vitamin D" I will be hunting down my bottle. I just started my progestrone, almost 2 weeks ago. Thanks for all your help!!

-Lost but almost found.

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Aug 20, 2012
Where am I
by: Wray

Hi there I do hope you find yourself soon! I know what's it's like to have anxiety, I'm pleased you've read the page. We do make a complex which contains all the ingredients, and it has helped many people. But it's not on our website yet, one day I hope. I don't know of any other brand which contains all the calming aminos and vitamins. But I suggest you get your vitamin D up as high as needed, as soon as possible. I'm delighted you read the Progesterone and Vitamin D page, I found the synergy between the two so fascinating I couldn't resist doing a page on it. Please make sure you take enough vitamin D, if your level was only 32 or 23 please consider 10,000iu's per day, even 20,000iu's for a month, then reduce to 10,000 for the next month, then 5000iu's per day thereafter. But do have another test done after about 2-3 months to check your level. Some people respond quickly, others take much longer before their level increases. You could also consider taking taurine, glycine and the B vitamin inositol if you can't find an all in one product. I've found these are excellent, although some people need tyrosine too, particularly if their minds won't stop. I can't get on the TravaCore site, but will continue trying. I do hope the progesterone helps you. Take care Wray

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