When to up my dose

by stefane sexton

Would anyone please be able to help! I have been on bioidentical progesteone cream for almost 2 months, initially because I gained 25 pounds after having fibroids removed. When starting the cream I suffered extreme insomnia and panic with air hunger. Since then and based off of extremely high estrogen levels(185) in comparison to progesteone (7) my doctor told me to do 2 clicks. I just now realized that’s equilavent to only 100mg of progesteone and I thought I was getting 200 this whole time. So today I upped it to 4 clicks which is 200mg.

I am still feeling so lethargic and like I cannot handle stress. I also have air Hunger and what feels like a constant internal panic type feeling. I will push through this if eventually, I know it will stop. But this is so very hard to deal with especially when it feels a lot like how I suffered post partum with my children and after I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I was never warned about this and if I was I probably would have declined because it’s not something I really can go through all over again. Yet here I am, and I don’t want to give up because I know I need it.

I just would like to know when I should increase again? Should I increase each day until I don’t feel these symptoms again or wait for days to see if it subsides? I just don’t want to lose time being on too low of a dose and just aggravating estrogen receptors continually.

I’m also wondering If anyone has lost weight with progesteone and how long it takes. No matter what I cannot lose weight! I have never in my life had this problem before. I gained this weight 6 weeks after having UFE on a fibroid. It’s like my estrogen can no longer be stored there and is now in my fat tissues. I am at a loss. I know it can take 3-6mos for some to feel relief but in that time are you feeling the estrogen dominance symptoms constant or is there ever relief from the panic type anxiety? And does the weight take longer than that to come off?

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give. I just feel so so lost!!

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