when can i use progestrone cream after D&C?

by joyce
(cupertino, ca)

Hi, I miscarried at 6 wks twice in a year and my recent progestrone level was 7 just before the D&C. First one was natural miscarriage and i didnt know about progestrone. Second one is due to TBI injury with the 30min concussion, i had open head injury due to a car accident at 6wks. I got hit by a car while i was walking my dog, my dog died and i went to emergency had 15 staples done.
One week after accident, i was hospitalized for 3days for sodium dropped from 138-113 almost died again. Miscarried at 10wks with the heavy bleeding ended having D&C last weekend. When i was released from the hospital, i did a blood test and asked my dr. to test progestrone level. She said there's no need its too late by then. However, i found out it was level 7 and vitamin D level was 20 just before the D&C. I am also suffering from the post concussion syndrome with the huge headache. Wish I knew about the progestrone cream right after the head injury, since it's been almost six weeks after the injury i hope i can still use it.

PLEASE someone help me i am not sure when to start using it and how much?

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Jan 03, 2014
When can I use progesterone cream after D&C?
by: Joy

Hi Joyce

It made me sad reading your tragic story and I hope that your health will return to normal soon.

To answer your question, start now!!! Progesterone is excellent for TBI injuries. As much as 1200mg per day, sometimes more is given to Traumatic Brain Injury victims, to prevent oedema forming.

I really can't understand your doctor saying that it was too late to use progesterone, it is NEVER too late and you are still healing. We all need it every day, young and old, male and female. You will find that it will help your current condition. Progesterone is an excellent anti-inflammatory, so rubbing the cream at the back of your neck and up the temples will help ease your headaches.

Your vitamin D level is extremely low, are you taking any supplements? If not please take nothing less than 5 000iu's per day, but I feel that because your level is so low, you need to take 10 000iu's for 3-4 months and then reduce down to 5 000iu's. The Vitamin D Council are now suggesting that our levels should be between 70 and 100ng/ml. My level is 130ng/ml and I have never felt better.

If you are going to use a progesterone cream, please make sure that you use one that contains the correct amount of progesterone concentration - see here, if not it can cause terrible estrogen dominance symptoms.

I hope that this has helped you and that your health returns to normal soon.

Take care.

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