what to do

I have had bllod and salvia testing done. Blood test were estradiol 229 pmol/l
progesterone .89nmol/l
dheas 7.6 umol/l
testerone .87 nmil/l

salvia testing estradiol 2.8 pg/ml
progesterone 11 pg/ml
testerone 27 pg/ml
dheas 23 ng/ml

I took 25mg of progesterone cream bioidentical a day..My adreanls were bad to.I started to feel better but after taking progesterone for a yr a feel worse I have skiiped heart beats and it feels like my heart is so slow it stops at times.I also was so fatigues I could barely stand. So I went off for a mnth a felt a little better then they decided to try me on 25 of pill for a day got the same symptoms had to stop ten dsays in to it just want my heart problms to go away this all started 3 yrs a ago when doing fertility drugs clomid,hcg and suppotoriy progesterone.What so I do? I now have pcos and eye floaters..i am 35 yr and nevr had regular salvia testing is froma a yr a go and blood test from 2 mnths ago.

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Apr 13, 2014
what to do
by: tracey

wray what are your thoughts on my problem...

Jun 09, 2015
What to do
by: Alyce

Hi Tracey

There is your problem right there, not enough progesterone was used! How many times has Wray mentioned on her wibsite that nothing less than 100mg of progesterone is needed per day? Clearly the estrogen receptors have been stirred up causing your adverse symptoms. PCOS is caused by oxidative stress, not progesterone. Read Wray's Estrogen Dominance and PCOS pages.

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