What should I be doing to correct this?

by K
(Miami, Florida)

Hi Wray, I had some blood work done as well as an expanded female hormone panel test. I am waiting on the results of the hormone test but the blood work came back with High Thyroid, TSH (4.7) as well as High Cholesterol.

The test also states that I have an "Increased risk for diabetes". If this is any indication of what the hormone test will reveal, I'm pretty certain that I'm lacking progesterone. I've always had the feeling that I was somewhat insulin resistant as well as having thyroid issues. My doctor put me on a couple all natural supplements, Bio-Glycozyme Forte (for reactive hypoglycemia) and GTA (for thyroid dysfunction).

I'm 24 years old, am of short stature and weigh about 90lbs. I suffer from anxiety/panic, acne, hirsutism and realize that I'm at risk for PCOS (my sister and mother have this).

I'm wondering what your suggestions are as to what my plan of action should be to start correcting (or controlling) this as early as possible. I'm really wanting to go on Progesterone and am wondering what my daily dose should be. I purchased the Emerita single use packets (before stumbling on your cream) but have not used them yet since I'm really not sure how much I should use and when. I'm also interested in changing my diet to better suit my needs but have no idea where to begin.

I'd appreciate any and all your help and suggestions.

Thank you.

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Jul 21, 2010
What should I be doing to correct this?
by: Wray

Hi K It's wonderful you're doing something now, and not struggling on for the next 20 years as so many women do. Only because they are told there is nothing wrong with their hormones, when they know instinctively there is, but don't know who to turn to. All your symptoms point to PCOS, including the high cholesterol and 'diabetes risk'. I take it they are checking for this too? In fact there are many tests they should do, we have all of them on our web page on PCOS. You'll find explanations on the page, plus foods and drink to avoid, etc. There is increasing evidence PCOS is caused by inflammation, which disturbs ovarian function. The one over riding problem seems to be a lack of vitamin D, please have a test done. A low level causes cholesterol to rise, disturbs the thyroid, causes insulin resistance, and more. Whether you have PCOS or not, your ovaries are not happy, they are producing too much oestrogen and testosterone and not enough progesterone. Hence the acne, hirsutism, anxiety/panic, this last is caused by a drop in GABA levels. This is one of our most calming neurotransmitters, but it needs progesterone to activate the receptor sites before levels rise. Another very calming amino acid is taurine, please consider taking this, up to 5000mg/day. You might like to see our page on Anxiety. The amount of progesterone to use is not dependant on 'dose' but on symptoms and how much oestrogen and testosterone is present. These two hormones have to be suppressed before normalcy returns. I generally recommend 100-200mg/day, it's a question of playing around with the amount to find the optimum. It should only be used during the luteal phase, from ovulation for the next 14 days until bleeding occurs. When you get the hormone results back, please check the ratio between progesterone and oestrogen. To do this divide the progesterone result by the oestrogen result. The ratio to my mind should be no less than 300:1, although I've found 600:1 and over is better still. Take care Wray

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