What if you're an athlete, how could it affect performance?

by Jen
(Long Island, NY)

I tend to eventually (as in for a long while I'll be fine, like a year or two, and then it comes back again) get hair loss especially during my period. I think maybe I'm working out too much, stressed, etc. I am just leery of doing anything (like take progesterone) to effect my athletic performance. I know during my period my performance is terrible and I have to lay off on harder workouts. But I would think I need a decent amount of testosterone for my athletic performance, no? Even if I'm female? I just want to know if I start taking progesterone would I have to worry about it affecting the 3 weeks of the month that I tend to have better performance? I'm mostly a road cyclist (endurance athlete), but also some swimming and running. Will be lifting weights over the winter also. Of course I don't want continued hair loss, but I also want to be able to catch up to the women that are stronger than me. Both seem to have plenty of hair and sometimes outride a bunch of the men. I would like to get to where they are without having to sacrifice my hair, lol. I also have pretty bad PMS like mood swings, short temper, some cramps, etc. I tend to have some anxiety all the time, GAD.

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Nov 06, 2014
What if you're an athlete, how could it affect performance?
by: Wray

Hi Jen Stress can cause Hair Loss. Over exercising can too as that in itself stresses the body. Plus it causes cholesterol levels to drop which causes a drop in all steroid hormones. Progesterone levels drop when stressed, they also drop just prior to our bleeding, causing many women to get PMS. Have a look through our page on How to use Progesterone Cream for more info. Testosterone does increase muscle mass, but an excess in women is not a good thing, see here, here, here, It also causes an increase in visceral fat, see here and here. We do have a page on Anxiety, progesterone is a potent anxiolytic. Take care Wray

Nov 20, 2014
But what about athletic performance
by: Laurie

Your response addressed many of the other symptoms the writer noted but didn't actually answer the question of performance, which is the question I have. I just started taking progesterone for insomnia issues and it seems to be very helpful for that, however, my performance seems to have dropped (I too an am an endurance athlete - cyclist) and I'm trying to determine if this can be attributed to the introduction of progesterone. I would have expected with finally getting some full nights sleep that performance would have increased.

Nov 22, 2014
But what about athletic performance
by: Wray

Hi Laurie Unfortunately I can't help you on actual performance. I've not come across papers referring to it, and it would require some research to find any. It's quite low on my list of priorities, but if you should come across any papers, or from your own or others experience, I'd really appreciate you coming back to us on it. Take care Wray

Dec 09, 2015
Progesterone and a competitive athlete.
by: Racerchick

I see that this very brief discussion is over a year old with no conclusions. I too had sleep issues and started on a natural prescription based Progesterone. I'm a competitive cyclist too and my training/racing has suffered greatly. My legs cannot recovery fully, I was just wondering if anyone has heard of progesterone being the cause. The internet has zero information, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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