What do I do?

by Sarah
(South Dakota)

Just a few questions about what to do. I know in my heart that I am suffering from estrogen dominance but I can't convince my health practitioner to test me. He feels that because I still have relatively normal menstrual cycles that he doubts a problem exists. He refused to test me.
If I am deficient in progesterone, as I feel I am, and cannot wait for someone to see the importance of testing, would it hurt at all to start therapy anyway? Could taking progesterone if I don't need it hurt me?
After reading some information on this site and hearing from Wray I began taking vitamin D and some other supplements. That alone has helped some but I feel progesterone is needed.
I am stewing about this and feel I have suffered enough already. Waiting and searching for someone to cooperate with me in obtaining good health is adding insult to injury.
I am 41 years old, no children, suffering from anxiety, low libido, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Also experience dizziness and weakness in my limbs. I am also having difficulty with concentration and mental fogginess. I don't know if I am experiencing pre-menopause, as my mother had a hysterectomy after her third child at about the age of 35 so I have no gauge as to when I may start. I know this is not all in my head as some would have me believe.
I guess my question remains: is it safe to use progesterone if it turns out that I don't really need it while I look for someone who is willing to listen and at least give me a test?
Thank you. Sarah

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Mar 03, 2013
What do I do?
by: Wray

Hi Sarah You can have a test done by ZRT Labs, they send out test kits. I'm delighted you're taking the vitamin D, please make sure it's enough, and have a test done too. ZRT do those too. It is safe to use progesterone, your symptoms speak volumes anyway. Most women don't have tests, but go by symptoms. I prefer that too, as a test will only show your level, not how you're feeling. ZRT are one of the few labs that work out your ratio too, that's far more important than the level. Too many doctors say to their patients your hormones are fine, never checking the ratio. If oestrogen is high 'normal' and progesterone low 'normal' then all hell breaks loose. No one would say someone with cancer 'needs' progesterone and yet they've found it so safe at exceptionally high amounts. No signs of toxicity at all and the tumour regressed, see here. Take care Wray

Mar 04, 2013
progesterone and cancer cells
by: Anonymous

So, according to the study, for women taking progesterone below 100mg, they are at risk to develop tumors??? Cancer??? This is scary.

Mar 05, 2013
progesterone and cancer cells
by: Wray

Hi there I think I've already answered this question of yours here. Take care Wray

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