What an awesome lady

by Meldene Dorn
(Lincoln, NE USA)

When I read the email this morning of Wray's passing, I felt a knot in my stomach. I do not know where to begin and to keep it short. In some of my darkest night hours here in the USA and knowing Wray was in South Africa, I had a friend. Our Special Needs daughter was totally out of control with behaviors. As I was searching for answers late at night on the internet, I came across Wray's website regarding progesterone and hormones. I sent her a note with several questions explaining the situation with our daughter...did not know if it was hormones or mental issues or both.

This woman became my friend. I felt I finally had someone listening to me. Wray would send me documents and literature that I read to learn about what could possibly be our daughters problems. Doctors sometimes have a closed mind and they thought our situation was just another case of a mentally challenged young woman with behaviors.

After several days of communicating with Wray, or maybe it was weeks, she suggested we contact a clinic (Pfeiffer Institute) in the Chicago, IL area in the USA and see if they could help us with our daughter. After phone calls to them, we made the trip out to have our first appt with the Dr who was in charge there. It was from that point on in 2006
and still today, 2017, that we have received help originally from the Pfeiffer Institute and then it was taken over by Mensah Medical. Our daughter is doing well today. Not that we have not had situations along the way, but it was Wray who knew that our daughter had a multitude of issues, but she could be helped with the proper treatment. And we have gotten that proper treatment and I sincerely feel, in my heart, that Wray guided and directed us to where our daughter is today.

God Bless her soul. She has a special room in heaven and I hope one day I will meet her.
I did send Wray an email this past year and did not hear back from I probably know why.

Our sincerest sympathy to Wray's family.

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