What about us guys?

by Bill
(Carson City, Nevada)

I'm a 62 year old male. Three years ago, after 10 years of fighting diabetes, a stroke, a heart attack and going from 187 pounds to 430 pounds I had bariatic surgery. After the surgery every function in my body shut down except my lungs. I went into a coma for 4 months. I was put on a res[pirator, had a trachea placed, some 18 IV bags, swelled up and had to be put on dialysis and taken back into surgery 4 more times because they thought I had a 'bleed'; which I did not. Five life saving procedures were warranted and remarkably, I survived. While in the coma I lost 150 pounds, but I also lost all the muscles in my back, stomach and legs; I could not walk. it took another two months after I 'woke' to learn to walk again. I remember nothing during the 4 months I was in the coma. I left the rehab hospital with a walker in August 2007. By October I graduated to a cane with a leg brace (I was dragging my right foot). Presently, I don't use any aid to walk. Now to my question.

I was healing after I left the hospital, but I was not getting stronger. A blood test revealed my testosterone was very low. I was first put on patches that did little or nothing to help. Then I was given testosterone injections, 150 miligrams every three weeks. Within a couple of months I began to build muscle, it was easier to climb steps and I noticed muscle growth in my arms and legs. It has been two years now since the injections started and I go to the gym 4 days a week for strength training. My wife read about progesterone creme and read it was beneficial for men as well as it 'regulated' a man's testosterone. But, everything I read on your site is really targeted for women. What about us guys?

What I didn't mention was, after the ordeal I could not obtain an erection. I guess that is not that unusual for a man my age. But, at times, during the night I do get an erection, just can't make that happen when I WANT it to! Can progesterone, used on a daily basis help with this problem? Viagra, Cialis and Lavetra help, but not enough starch for penetration. Some of my doctors seem to think that I should be grateful I'm alive and not worry about such smaller matters as an erection! On the contrary, I choose to explore any and all treatment that can help. If I thought I was a candidate for an implant I would explore that. But the fact I can acheive an erection leads me to believe my problem is more medical or mental in nature which continues to keep me searching. My wife and I have always had a good love life, we are best friends and are candid and honest and she is so gracious and loving and understanding that we have continued to enjoy our intimacy even with my problem. Needless to say, that part of a man's life is very important to him, but just as important is my desire to please and satify my wife the way I had always done in the past. Can progesterone, HRT, help in my quest? How often and how much do you think would be necessary?

Your answers to the many the questions I have read from your users leads me to believe you're honest, and concered, and I appreciate that very much. I look forward to your reply.

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Feb 11, 2010
About your problem
by: Aylin

After so many problems you had it is possible something is not working now and you need time to recover. Progesterone can increase the libido (sexual pleasure in both cases, man or woman) and maybe will work. But sometimes it can also make it low depending on the body's reaction.

You can try working with your brain, for exemple, as your body lost many of its functions, the brain can lose some things, I mean something is not like it was before since you were in a coma. You practically died and the brain needs also exercise to "remember" the pleasure in sex. You can see some XXL movies or you can tell your wife to exercise her pleasure in front of you. Also she can help you with other pre-sex games. When you feel erection in the night or when is happen, just try to enjoy it, to remember in your brain how wonderful this was before. You can do this by yourself or with your wife.
The age can be a small problem I think, you are not too old now. Viagra and others like this, are only chemicals and is not healthy for you, is not good for any men. You can have this problem now maybe also because you used this kind of products which forces your body's function. All have some negative effects in time. So, natural ways are always better and healthy. Wish you good luck also for your wife because she is a wonderful person who supports you a lot! All the best!

Feb 12, 2010
What about us guys?
by: Wray

Hi Bill. You have had a torrid time. What a pity you weren't introduced to several diets which would have helped, raw food, Nutritional Typing or the Paleo Diet. None of the problems you have encountered would have occurred in the first instance. But they can still help you, please see:
Nutritional Typing

You ask "what about us guys". The site is intended to be for both sexes, as progesterone is not a sex hormone, nor is it exclusively a female hormone. It's as vital for males as it is for females! We do have many men using it, but they don't ask as many questions, hence the apparent slant towards women. The main reasons they use it are for benign prostate hyperplasia, to help with stress and low libido. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory, hence it's use in an inflamed prostate. It also stimulates the production of nitric oxide. This tiny molecule is vital for an erection, apart from many other roles it plays. Viagra works in the same way as progesterone, but with adverse side affects. NO is a potent vasodilator and prevents platelets aggregating, which reduces clots. Because of this action it allows blood to flow freely, vital for an erection. Progesterone also prevents platelets aggregating and is a vasodilator too, so you get a double advantage over a drug. It prevents lipid peroxidation and a build up of plaque, all the above occur in diabetes/heart disease.

You're suffering from oxidative stress, in other words you're very short of antioxidants. The most vital in your case are N-acetyl cysteine (5000mg/day), taurine (5000mg/day) and vitamin D (10000IU's/day). The taurine will help with muscle weakness, so will the progesterone, it's been used successfully in myopathy. I would suggest you use about 100mg/day divided am and pm, you might need more, but start on the low side and increase if you feel the need. We do make a complex containing cysteine, taurine and vitamin D, plus many more vital nutrients, mostly antioxidants. You would still need to add the above nutrients, as you need a large amount to help.
You might like to read about it here.

Please bear in mind that it's not a quick fix, it will take time. But please check those sites I gave you, I know they will help. The raw food the quickest, it has been found to reverse diabetes and of course is full of the antioxidants you need. Thank you for the kind words! Take care, Wray

Feb 22, 2010
You have given me a "Mission"!
by: Bill

Wray, thank you for the suggestions, and I will research each of them. I didn't mention in my first post, but my diabetes is in recession right now, and I am not on any insulin and my A1C is normal. My doctor can't believe it, my normal blood sugar before was near 240! Funny that you mentioned men don't contribute as much as women, and I can't understand that. Even my doctor mention that most men don't talk about ED! Good God, how important is a healthy sex life in a relationship? Certainly not the basis of any long lasting one, but a close second! I guess many men think it is admitting his loss of manliness, personally I think being a man is between your ears not your legs. And if I have a problem I will scour the Earth to find a 'cure'. It ain't over til it's over and I want the best life I can live. Right now, each day is a gift.

I also didn't mention that my wife and I divorced after 23 years of mariage, but we remained friends. She drove to the hospital and stayed there for five days once I went into the coma. After I woke it was a month before I found out just how much she did for me. After I left the hospital we went for a 'wine Weekend' in Monterrey, and we got back together, that was over two years ago. We re-married last October on our orignial anniversary date. We tell our friends we have been married for 31 years, with 7 years off for bad behavior!

Again, thank you for the info, Bill

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