Weight gain, vaginal dryness

by Lizy

I'm 43 and had heavy painful long periods 2 years back. Multiple fibroids too. After using progest cream & estrobalance, wobenzyme, qzmye digestive tablets for 1 year my periods stopped altogether. The number of fibroids reduced.

After stopping progest and estrobalance for 6 months, now for last 3 months my periods are regular with no pain, no heavy bleeding. A blood test showed my progesterone level very low (.3). I started the cream & estrobalance again. In 2 weeks I gained weight and my vagina felt dry. I had the problem earlier also. I stopped the medication since 10 days and dryness is gone. I don't want to gain weight and the dryness but increase my progesterone level. Any suggestions?

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Apr 15, 2010
Weight gain, vaginal dryness
by: Wray

Hi Lizy. When first starting progesterone it can cause oestrogen dominance, which in turn causes water retention, which increases weight. For more info on this please see here. Oestrogen not only causes water retention, but stimulates fat cells to divide and multiply, another reason you gained weight, as you were using the estrobalance. Oestrogen also suppresses progesterone levels, so it doesn't surprise me your progesterone level is low! I suggest you stop the oestrogen and just use the progesterone. Use some in your vagina each night too, this should help the dryness. Take care, Wray

Dec 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

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Do you have any recommendations for better products? Maybe something like this would work?


I checked the medical blogs and educational help sites for women but didn't find much.

Thanks and keep up the great work, I've subscribed in my bookmarks so I can keep track of your new articles, I LOVE your site.

<3 xoxo


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