Weight Gain on a High Dose of Progesterone

by Janelle

I'm currently on thyroid medication and progesterone cream in hopes of getting my period back after getting off the pill in 0ct 2013. Nothing yet. I have not had a period since then. The only time I bled a bit was after electrical stimulation at acupuncture, but can no longer afford that. I have gained about 10 lbs in the year since, and my breast have gone up a cup size. My midsection is quite larger. My hair is darker and thicker, including on my face. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 15 years old and was on the pill til last year at the age of 32. I got off in Oct. 2013. It's now more than a year without a period. I'm 33. I've been on the progesterone and thyroid medication since April (started at 50mg of the prog).

I had a doctor's apmt yesterday and really left frustrated. She's sending me for yet another ultrasound (pelvic) to check if my uterine lining is building since I've had no period. In the meantime, I have larger and tender breasts. None of my bras fit! I already had big boobs! My winter coat is waaay too tight, and it fit in March. I saw on one website (Women for that 400mg of progesterone is ideal to avoid estrogen dominance. I'm currently only taking 200mg to bring on a period (since August). Should I be taking 400mg?

Please help. My self esteem is shot. I appreciate any feedback!

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