weight gain and progesterone cream update

by Audrey

My body didn't need progestrone yet, but I tried cream as my periods are heavy. It made me feel worse, weird periods, and my hands hurt. I like some gained 10lbs very quickly and I am 5'2, I was on a large dose. I stopped and lost and 5 pounds in a few months. So stopping will normalize it in time. Do Not stop if you are pregnant you may miscarry!!!!! (Ive read awful stories.) So I will go on again when trying to conceive. Until then, the weight was crazy. I was upset, very! I will do it for a baby if I need it but not menstral cycles (in my body) what has lessened my period misery is menstral cups amd medicine fir migranes. (beware of imitrex, it was great for a long time, then I got chest pains and cold arms and legs, you must stop then or it can kil you.)
Anyway, yes I lost weight.

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Mar 24, 2014
Weight Gain and Progesterone Cream update
by: Joy

Hi Audrey

Progesterone does not cause weight gain, estrogen does. Estrogen is a mitogen, causing cells to proliferate, it is also an inflammatory, excitatory hormone. Progesterone is an anti-inflammatory and calming hormone. If you rub progesterone cream at the back of your neck, relief is often felt if suffering from headaches.

The side effects of Imitrex can cause the adverse symptoms that you experienced. Progesterone is very good for headaches. You might also like to read the page on Migraines.

Weight gain happens when not enough progesterone cream is used, you say you used a lot, how much exactly? Nothing less than 100mg/3ml per day is needed using the correct progesterone concentration – see here. More maybe needed depending on how severe symptoms are.

If you are experiencing problems with your monthly cycle then progesterone is very much needed, so too is Vitamin D.

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