Want to try Natpro for anxiety, etc. but have many questions

by Bonnie
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Hi Wray, My story starts with having a horrible reaction while being on birth control pill. I experienced major anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, etc. It took about a year to feel better although not completely myself. I realized that I was probably estrogen dominant so I tried Progon B on the advice of a naturopath and experienced the anxiety, etc. again. I didn’t realize that the estrogen receptors were being stimulated so I decided to stop and felt a bit better in a few months. Another naturopath prescribed Armour Thyroid for me and after a few days I again experienced horrible anxiety, insomnia, chest pain, heart palpitations, and joint pain. It has been 8 months and I have improved a little. My theory is that the Armour Thyroid worsened my already-low progesterone by converting it to cortisol? while working its way through my system and put everything into overdrive. Wish I never tried it. My saliva test from ZRT labs showed Estradiol as 2.1 pg/ml (range 1.3-3.3)(day 21 of my cycle for these tests) and Progesterone as 50L pg/ml (range 75-270) and my ratio as 24:1.

I would like to try Natpro but have several questions (please be patient with me as I tend to be OCD and may sound like I’m repeating my questions). You suggested that I start with the higher dose (200 mg) since I have anxiety. Would it be better to start at 100 mg and increase it from there? If I experience estrogen dominance symptoms, (I’m mostly afraid of anxiety and weight gain) should I decrease the amount during that cycle or keep using the same dose for the rest of the cycle and endure the symptoms? How long can the estrogen dominance stage last and do most women experience it? If the estrogen dominance stage is really rough for me, do I stay on the same dose or increase or decrease it?

You also suggested that I could use it everyday for 2-3 months but wouldn’t that prevent ovulation? And will I not get a period for those months that I’m using it everyday? Will it take me longer to overcome the estrogen dominance if I use the cream after ovulation instead? What dose do you suggest if I decide to use the cream everyday and would it be the same dose everyday? I noticed that you suggested a slowly increasing dose for one woman, starting with 1 ml and working up to 15 ml on day 28. Or am I supposed to use the same dose each day? Since the amount of progesterone produced in our bodies in different everyday, does the dosage have to follow our bodies’ natural pattern? How do I start using it to follow my cycle after that – do I just count the days and start 14 days from before my period usually starts based on a 30-day cycle (which is the average cycle for me). I don’t really understand how to use it everyday and then switch to using it after ovulation.

You also wrote the following for one woman who was experiencing estrogen dominance symptoms: “I'm concerned you will get oestrogen dominance symptoms if you experienced them on the progesterone pill. If you decide to use the cream, please start on a low dose (1/8th tsp/day) and increase it very gradually.” According to this statement, would it be better to start low and work my way up? But from what I’ve read on your website, I thought that it’s better to start high and endure the estrogen dominance symptoms, which will pass quicker if the dosage is higher.

It makes me nervous to read of many negative experiences on some websites such as or about using progesterone and I just need some reassurance. I’m guessing that they were not using enough but the estrogen dominant symptoms can be a nightmare nonetheless.

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Apr 18, 2011
Want to try Natpro for anxiety, etc. but have many questions
by: Wray

Hi Bonnie It is all so confusing, too many websites giving advice, and I give contrary advice to all of them! I have found it far better to use a much higher amount initially, than a low one. A low amount merely exacerbates the Oestrogen Dominance symptoms. I have also found a few women can't take the adverse symptoms when starting it, so suggest the low amount. But this will merely take far, far longer to overcome the symptoms. I wish it was clear cut, but we are all so different, I can't tell how much each women will need, I wish I could! I also don't know their tolerance levels. Many women can't take Contraceptives, they stop ovarian production of progesterone, which explains the symptoms you got when taking them. If there is nothing wrong with your thyroid, taking any meds, natural or synthetic, would speed it up. Hence the symptoms you got. The conversion of progesterone to cortisol takes place in the adrenal glands, so I don't think the Armour had any bearing on it. Your ratio is far too low, we've found from Saliva Tests we run that the ratio should be 600:1 and over to feel well. I wish I could tell you how much to use, I feel with your symptoms and sharp reaction, it would be a mistake to try the 100mg/day. You could, but if you feel even the slightest increase in symptoms, please increase the amount quickly. Again I can't answer how long the oestrogen dominance will last, the more oestrogen present the longer it takes. The lower the amount of progesterone used the longer it will take. I've found most women do experience it, men too. Using 200mg/day and more on a daily basis will prevent ovulation, but I've found it's far better to get rid of symptoms first, than to struggle through. 2-3 months passes very quickly. When using it daily, and depending on the woman, some experience periods, some do not. The amount we make does vary daily, stress causes it to drop, a lack of vitamin D reduces it's benefits, large meals cause it to drop, many things effect it! But if severe symptoms are being experienced, I find it better to use a high amount and get over it quickly. It's easy enough to get the cycle regular again. If periods are still experienced, then stop the cream when it begins. Start it again at ovulation, or 14 days before the next bleed, which in your case would be ± day 16. Progesterone can upset the cycle when first using it, this is nothing to be concerned about. It can delay it or cause a shorter cycle, it does settle down in a few cycles. I've run out of space, so will start a new comment below. Take care Wray

Apr 18, 2011
Want to try Natpro for anxiety, etc. but have many questions
by: wray

Hi again Bonnie The negative comments you've read are because the women have been advised to use too little, generally 20-40mg/day. I've found this only worsens symptoms. If you feel you are OCD, please consider taking tryptophan, this does help it. For more info see our page on Anxiety. And please have a vitamin D test done, this has such a bearing on our health. Most people have far too low a level, for more info see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. Take care Wray

Apr 19, 2011
Need further clarification on using Natpro every day
by: Bonnie

Thanks for the information Wray. I'm planning to use the cream every day for 3 months as you advised (142.7 mg or almost 1 tsp a day). To do this, would I:

- Start the cream whenever it arrives regardless of what day my cycle is (almost 1 tsp a day divided into 2 doses). Can I use this same dose for the whole month, or do I have to use more during the latter part of my cycle?
- If I don't get a period, continue using the cream straight through.
- If I do get a period, do I stop the cream or continue using it (this is during the 3 months that I plan to use it every day).

On the fourth month, to transition to using it only after ovulation instead of every day, I will stop the cream when my period arrives and start using it again after ovulation - is this correct?

Can I apply it vaginally only instead of on my skin?

It seems many women experience weight gain, even on Natpro - what do you suggest if this occurs?

Thanks again.

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