Waiting for my next period to start so I can take my pills

by Michelle
(New Jersey )

Hi I have visited your site quite a bit because I was on progesterone for a hormone imbalance after a miscarriage. My doctor who tested my hormones is having me start progesterone day 12 after my period but last month I got my period two weeks early and now this month my period is late- I am not pregnant by the way. my Doctor is insistent on waiting for my period to start before I start the progesterone again even though blood tests showed I am extremely low and my estrogen is still high. I have been dealing with estrogen dominance for the past few months and the only time I felt good was on the progesterone but each time my period came early and I had to stop it per her instructions. I am so anxious and depressed, I feel like I have extreme PMS symptoms, the worse since before I started the progesterone. Irritability and fear just like your site describes.
So my question is do I just go ahead and do the progesterone on day 12 even though I did not have a period yet to help symptoms or am I just making more of a problem because my cycle is all thrown off?

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