Vitamin D elevated progesterone on saliva test

by Karli
(Kansas City, mo)

I am using zero progesterone, but just began taking 10,000iu with vitamin k (mk7) & magnesium oil since they are the cofactors to D. Just got my saliva test results back & my vitamin D is 41 & my saliva is 1198. Low D & crazy high progesterone! From everything I've read on here, that progesterone number would be what someone has when using progesterone. But I haven't touched that stuff in 6 months. Have you ever heard of vitamin D doing this? I know you said in one post that vitamin D & progesterone have incredibly similar properties. I can tell you that I also have similar symptoms as when I used progesterone cream. My feet have slight edema & I have zero sex drive. Again, I'm not using any progesterone cream. This is all vitamin D.

I've been at this vitamin D thing for a year, but this is the first time using the cofactors to D. At one point I was in the sun every single day for a minimum for 1.5hrs in the summer. Sometimes 5 hours if swimming w kids. Zero sunscreen & taking 5,000iu vitD. Got my test results back & my D was only at 54- low. I could not believe it! So I bumped it up to 40,000iu for a month & my cycle came 2 times that month. Backed down to 10,000iu & had a 28 day cycle that month which is not my normal.. Stayed on 10,000iu bc I feared toxicity & everything went back to 34day cycle. Again, zero progesterone cream during any of this. This is all Vitamin D.

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Jan 07, 2015
Found out
by: Karli

Welp, found out why my progesterone was high- PREGNANT!!! After 1.5 years of infertility, we are completely ecstatic! I began using my high amount of progesterone cream again, so we don't miscarry & I'm sure the doc will check my blood levels soon. Thank you for such an incredible website & product. I have spread it like wildfire!

Jan 12, 2015
Found out
by: Wray

Hi Karli What wonderful news! It's because you were taking such a generous amount of Vitamin D, it's so vital for pregnancy. It's such a pity not more is known about it, as many miscarriages or failed IVF's could be saved. You might like to see these papers here, here and here. And these on IVF here and here. We also have two pages on Pregnancy and here. Bless you for using our cream and for spreading the news. Take care Wray

Mar 05, 2015
Postpartum use
by: Karli

Hi Wray, I am now slowly weaning off my progesterone cream use now that I'm into my 14th week of pregnancy. But I am curious how soon after the baby is born that I can begin using progesterone cream. Will it affect my milk supply?
Also, total side note, but when I first started using progesterone cream 2 years ago, I had to use an incredible amount (1,000mg a day) to get any relief. I could only manage that for so long & gave up. Continued perusing my health & symptoms improved slightly without progesterone cream. But I recently discovered I am Hypothyroid. I now realize that I have been undiagnosed hypo for probably 15 years or more. All that to say, I believe that has everything to do with my enormious progesterone amount. Curious your thoughts? Thx.

Mar 18, 2015
Postpartum use
by: Wray

Hi Karli There is really no need to taper off if you don't want to. In fact no amount of progesterone will stop the baby from coming when it should, see here. If you do taper off fully, then you can start using it again while in labour, or immediately after birth, there's no fixed time. Dr Dalton would give it immediately after birth if there was any possibility of PND occurring, see her book Depression after Childbirth. The thyroid gland is affected by many things, usually oestrogen slows it down, not progesterone. So I don't think the large amount you used was the cause. A lack of Vitamin D is often an overlooked cause. A lack of the amino acid tyrosine, or iodine and selenium can be behind it. The first of these make T4, while selenium is needed to convert the T4 into T3. These three are rarely checked. Take care Wray

Nov 07, 2016
D and magnesium status
by: Anonymous

Are you aware of Morley Robbins and the Magnesium advocacy group on Facebook? He strongly discourages vitamin D supplementation. There are very rare cases where it is needed, according to him. If you go to his website, you will see the papers he writes on hormone d. He teaches that if magnesium and some other factors are put in place, that D levels will fall into place. This has been the experience of many people on this forum.

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