Very low oestrogen and low progesterone at 32!

by Micky

I had a saliva test in November last year with the following results:

Progesterone: 149.6pg/ml
Oestradiol: 1.7pg/ml

These were taken on day 21 of my cycle. I have had 2 children - both were born premature at 28 and 30 weeks respectively.

I have had many many health issues dating back for years and years with anxiety and tiredness being the main issue. I have been diagnosed with so many different things you wouldn't believe. I feel that I have managed to 'manage' my symptoms for a long time and just assumed that was part of my make up. However after the birth of my 2nd child (I miscarried inbetween my two boys who are 18 months apart) I just lost it and became an anxious mess. My chiropractor suggested having my hormones tested as she always believed there was a hormone issue - and there is.

How can this be fixed? My practioner suggested the Pill which I went on for 4 packets and then stopped as I felt awful. What are my other options? My GP is not interested and will not look at these private saliva tests. My blood tests show no sign of menopause and my cycles have been pretty normal.

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Apr 26, 2010
Very low oestrogen and low progesterone at 32!
by: Wray

Hi Micky. I would have said your progesterone was very low, even without your test results. Years of tiredness and anxiety are one give away, miscarriages another, pre-term births are another, finally post natal depression is another! I believe this is what you have now. Progesterone drops sharply after birth, so does serotonin. This drop adversely affects up to 25% of women, with symptoms ranging from mild with post natal blues to severe with post natal psychosis. For more information on pregnancy and after, please see here.

The pill was the last thing you should have been given, as it stops all ovarian function. This means you would not have been making any progesterone in your ovaries. A further drop in progesterone would have made you feel awful. Hormonal imbalances normally start in puberty, it sounds as if yours started then, as you're only 32 and you've had problems for years. Menopause is only the last stage in our hormonal roller coaster ride through life! One thing, tests or not, you do need progesterone. I would suggest using 200mg/day, a higher amount than normal but I believe you need this. We have a web page on anxiety, it give a list of natural anti anxiety nutrients which will help you too, please see here. If you do decide to try the progesterone, before you do please see here. Finally please have a vitamin D test done, you live in Scotland with little sun. I believe you'll find your level very low. Low vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone, it also causes anxiety and depression plus a host of other problems. See here. And here. Take care, Wray

Apr 30, 2010
Been prescribed progesterone cream
by: Micky

Thanks Wray,
I was prescribed Pro Juven cream by a specialist doctor who also agreed that putting me on the Pill was a very bad move. The practioner that advised this thought it might help raise my oestrogen levels but boy I have felt shocking on it and a week after finishing it I feel like Hell and hope it sorts itself out soon. I am so anxious it is ridiculous as well as feeling very low and shaky and tired. Keep waking up early morning all restless.

I will see about having my Vitamin D levels checked as well although I imagine my GP won't do it as he is not interested in this issue at all.

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