Very dry skin and still getting painful breasts

by Karenina

Hi Wray, How are you? I am still on 200mg of natural progesterone cream though I noticed I had a tube of runny cream two weeks ago and it didn't seem so effective. Maybe it is my imagination. I put cream on my breasts every day but nothing has changed unless I was to reduce my cream it helps a little. My facial skin is so dry! I am using natural almond, olive oils and natural creams for my face but it is not working well so far. My nails have ridges and I wonder if my body does not absorb well perhaps? I am not on any vitamins or minerals though. I am taking Cell Pro 7 which is an extract of Green Tea. U may know about this one? I have only just started taking it in the last two weeks. It comes from Switzerland.

Apart from that I am okay in myself. No bad moods and I have more energy. I still suffer from some water retention around the tummy area. Do you feel I need to start reducing my cream a little now? I have been on 200mg of p. cream for 3 months now. Is there anything more I can take to help myself?

Take care and lots of hugs to you!

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Apr 10, 2014
Dry Skin
by: Beth

I too have been on a high dose of progesterone for some time now and I have noticed that my once naturally oily face is very very dry now. And the progesterone still has not belped with my loss of or non existent i should say libido.

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