Very confused

by Susan jo
(New Jersey)

Hi Wray

I have been reading and new this a while back but forgot that the following increase testosterone

Vitamin d
Fish oil

There were others. I also read on the vitamin d council they did a study that vitamin d reduces progesterone by 10% and estrogen by 3%. So in my case I have extremely low progesterone/estrogen ratio and very high androgens. So I am thinking not taking the above supplements until I have levelout the ratio. This is my gut feeling. I have another observation while looking for a plain multivitamin is almost impossible, I think the ones that say for women, wholefood have too much estrogen and testosterone ways for increase for someone like myself trying to increase progesterone. So for myself I am going to stop most supplements. The only ones that seem to be ok so far is vitamin c. Im thing of adding selenium, iodine(topically only to start with), try and find a multivitamin without extra stuff ( my current one has alfalfa, parsley, and watercress). I will add antioxidant supplements. I feel I need to do this to get ahead on increasing progesterone. Now when I do take the multivitamin, the ones that say it increases testosterone I feel my head pressure increase. When I take vit c I feel better and my current symptom I have is my whole body feels like I have a full body ice pack not like when I was hypothyroidism in the past its different. When I use progesterone cream I get sweaty and it helps. So I will let you know how it goes with my plan.

Thank you
Susan Jo

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