Vaginal Dryness

Hello Wray
I have been taking Natpro for about 10 months (3/4 spoon twice a day) and all my hot flushes and night sweats have now stopped, and I'm feeling great apart from suffering from a dry vagina. My sex life is non existant because of the dryness and even with loads of lubrication it still hurts. I went for a smear test and the dryness was so bad that the nurse couldn't complete it. I was in a lot of pain as she tried to do the test and there was a small bleed from the vagina wall. The doctor has prescribed a 15 day course of Vagifem to be taken vaginally (25 micrograms Estradiol) and I will then go back to try again. I have never had any problems before with smear tests. I am very confused about taking the estradiol as you seem to think that we shouldn't take any extra estrogen but I hate this dryness and pain. I have decided to go ahead with the two week course but should I increase my Natpro for the two weeks while I'm on it or should I just continue as I am? Your opinion on this would be gratfully received.

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Oct 19, 2012
Vaginal Dryness
by: Wray

Hi there I'm delighted the progesterone has helped you. I'm so sorry you have a dry vagina, very unpleasant by all accounts. Yes I am against oestrogen, for good reason too! It causes cells to proliferate, but in the case of your vagina, the wall is very thin. So increasing the thickness of that would probably help. So by all means use the Vagifem. Have you tried using the progesterone in your vagina at all? I've used it there every night for about 5-6 years now, and haven't once experienced any inflammation or dryness. I don't think you need to increase the amount of progesterone you're using, unless you find oestrogen dominance symptoms occurring again with the oestradiol cream. Please watch out for any Candida etc, as oestrogen encourages this and other beasts! Take care Wray

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