Utrogestan prescribed for ovarian cyst

by Pat

Hi Wray, thank you for the very informative site. My gynaecologist has prescribed 200mg Utrogestan to assist in breaking up a cyst that has been discovered on my right ovary.

I very rarely take drugs as I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 7 years ago and was on very heavy drugs and cortisone (I have got to the point where I can control this disease with diet, exercise and natural remedies and never take medication to try and avoid the effects of causing an imbalance in my system). In saying this however, my menstrual cycle has been very irregular over the past 8 months and may be due to cysts appearing in my body and being broken down naturally. I am very nervous to take any sort of HRT because of my history and would prefer to go the natural route. The problem is this cyst is very large (4.5cm x 4.5cm) and the only alternative is cutting it out. What would you recommend I do? Is there an alternative to Utrogestan, would taking the pill help at all, or is this not the same thing? I have been taking Natpro for the last few weeks - would this help on a long term basis or is it too risky? Thanks and regards.

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Oct 29, 2010
Utrogestan prescribed for ovarian cyst
by: Anonymous

I will be very interested in hearing what Wray has to say about your problem.

I am taking the natural progesterone 100mg per day for uterine polyps and thickening of the lining. I am wondering if I should have more than that. I do not know anything about the type of progesterone you have been prescribed but I am pretty certain the natural progesterone has no side effects at all and have been using it for almost 2 months now with no problems. Good luck and keep us posted if you can on how this works for you.

Oct 30, 2010
Utrogestan prescribed for ovarian cyst
by: Wray

Hi Pat Thanks for the kind words. Utrogestan is progesterone, so is safe to use, a good amount too. I recommend between 100-200mg/day, dependant on symptoms. I'm amazed your gynae has suggested using progesterone to break up the cyst! Wonderful news to me, as it will. Oestrogen is a mitogen, causing cells to divide and multiply. In excess it stimulates cysts, and more, to grow. I'm not sure of your age, but if your cycles have become irregular, maybe you are entering peri-menopause? For more info please see our page on Peri-menopause. The Natpro will help too, but the amount does have to be high to suppress the excess oestrogen, 200mg would be excellent. So it's up to you what you use, both would be fine. The advantage to a cream is it can be applied anywhere. If the Utrogestan is oral it won't be very affective, as the oral route is the least effective delivery system, please see this page we have on Progesterone application methods. So if you opt for it, rather use it as a suppository/pessary. Pessary is best as it reaches the uterus etc very quickly. The cream can be applied in the vagina too, excellent if it's dry or inflamed. For more info on Utrogestan please see here. Judging by the Utrogestan and the way you spell gynaecologist, you must live in the UK? If I'm correct, you will most probably be very deficient in vitamin D. The Crohn's makes me suspect this, as there is strong evidence it's caused by a lack of vitamin D. Please see here, here, here, here and here. For more info on vitamin D please see the Vitamin D council website. Take care Wray

Oct 31, 2010
Utrogestan prescribed for ovarian cyst
by: Wray

Hi there Thanks for your interest. 100mg is the minimum I've found to be effective, so if you find it taking too long to resolve, please increase the amount you are using. A thickened lining indicates excess oestrogen. Oestrogen is a mitogen, causing cells to divide and multiply, vital once a month to stimulate the endometrium each month to grow and thicken ready for a possible fertilised egg. But too much and the lining builds excessively. You say you are 'taking' progesterone, I'm assuming you do mean oral? If so it's not the best delivery system, please see this page we have on Progesterone application methods. Injections, suppositories and creams are the most affective. So if it is oral progesterone you are using, please consider switching. If you do, because of the greater absorptive properties, you might experience Oestrogen Dominance. Please read through this page we have, as it can be very disconcerting if it does occur. Take care Wray

May 06, 2011
having a ovary cysts
by: Alexandra

I've been suffering a ovarian cysts and don't have idea on how i will treat it. My friends recommend me to have a (http://www.ovarian-cancer-facts.com/ovarian-cysts-cure.html) ovarian cysts treat and i was so sad because this treatment is very painful and much costly. What will i do?

Nov 03, 2011
utrogestan 200mg prescribed for ovarian cysts.
by: Chamuli

I have a big cyst on each my ovaries and my gyn has prescribed utrogestan 200mg(pessaries, 1 two times a day)although he says if they do not help,i might need surgery.Am only 24yrs and still single and terribly afraid of surgery.A friend advised i should try out herbal medicine.Am really confused on whether to use the pessaries or go herbal or both at the same time.It has been 2weeks since the 3D scan revealed these cysts.am i running out of time,am not in pain anymore,should i just ignore these cysts.Please kindly advise

Jun 17, 2014
Oral Utrogestan to be used vaginally?
by: Trying to conceive - South Africa

I was prescribed oral Utrogestan for a ruptured ovarian cyst to support a possible pregnancy. I am about 6 days past ovulation at the moment. I just suffered a miscarriag at about 5 weeks, possibly due to low progesterone.

I read oral route is the least effective route. Can I use oral Utrogestan as a vaginal pessary? Should I use it 100mg in the morning and 100mg at night, or 200mg at night?

Feb 04, 2016
pregnant and prescribed utrogestan
by: sala,imah

is it safe to use the pills the doctor has prescribe them for me coz I have been bleeding,so he said it will make my ovary to be strong

Jan 19, 2018
PCOS and Utrogestan
by: Anonymous

Hi Wray, thank you so much for the information you've given here. I'm so relieved to hear Utrogestan is both safe and almost completely side effect free (apart from the drowsiness) as I have just been prescribed it for a chronic endocrine disorder, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

My main symptoms have been depression, fatigue, lack of quality sleep, irritability, lack of libido, chronic anxiety and rheumatic aches and they've been present and gradually worsening since I was given the combination Pill 9 years ago (I'm 33). Before then I definitely suffered with moderate and intermittent anxiety and irregular cycles but, on the whole, I was a fairly exuberant person with a healthy libido. That significantly changed after trying the Pill.

It has now taken 2 years, 5 doctors, multiple blood tests and scans to get a diagnosis of PCOS. Mostly based on the fact that my periods are very irregular (sometimes cycles last over 100 days) and cysts are present on both ovaries which show as being enlarged. The other, more emotional and psychological symptoms have been less focused on as I have either underplayed them (high-functioning) or have been too frightened they wouldn't be taken seriously - I have taken a course of therapy myself though and was referred through the NHS to a sex therapist, both of which resulted in me being diagnosed as sound of mind - albeit distressed by my physical condition and the symptoms.

I have finally gotten to the point of being prescribed Utrogestan in two forms: both oral and pessary and have been advised to take 200mg of each daily from day 15 to 27 of a cycle. This is with the hope of rebalancing my hormones naturally and resetting my cycle. The hope is that with a natural progesterone in my system on those days, I will sleep better, feel more balanced in mood and gain my libido back as well as have a more reliable and regular menstrual cycle.

In some ways I'm so excited by this as, if it works as hoped, it will literally give me my life, and my self, back. However, I have read other testimonies by women (albeit women using HRT for menopause) who have experienced the exact opposite effect: severe depression, suicidal thoughts, irritability, bloating, no libido... basically all of the symptoms I'm looking to mend.

Do you have any advice on this? Anything you could tell me that will help me feel more assured that it is a good thing to try? And if so, how long would you recommend I try it for before deciding whether or not it's for me? Will I need to have it build in my system for a while before I feel real benefits?

I should note that I am also on a Keto diet (for the most part), have cut out sugar, caffeine and only take a small amount of alcohol once in a while and I am beginning to learn Hatha Yoga to practice daily (and will do if I ever have the energy I need to do it).

I've read testimonies by women who say natural progesterone changed their lives and gave them their happiness back but I have also read of women who've had an intolerance to it and discovered testosterone tablets were their real helper or the herbal route was the best.

I suppose if it doesn't work for me then I will have to go back to the doctor and continue to research possible options beyond but for the moment, before I begin taking it, I just wanted to ask for your expertise and any advice you could provide which might settle my mind.

Thank you so much in advance.

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