Uterine polyp

by Rish
(USA )

I have a uterine polyp of less than 1cm. A fibroid of 1cm (outside the uterus and very tiny so not affecting conception). I have been wanting to use progesterone to shrink these (especially the uterine polyp) thinking I probably have estrogen dominance but I recently did the hormonal saliva test and infact I have low estrogen and normal progesterone, marking my imbalance at 4%. They suggested vitex to help ovulation (but I ovulate every month based on frequent ultrasounds I have had due to the polyp and every single time I had a mature follicle or sometimes a corpus luteum cyst very indicative of a success ovulation. I’m just wondering if progesterone will help me when I have a normal level of progesterone but low estrogen and regular periods. (Also trying to conceive ). Thanks

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Dec 11, 2021
Uterine polyp
by: Joy

Hi Rish

Fibroids and polyps have been discussed in depth on this forum. If you use the search bar you will find many discussions on it. Please see this page. It's important that you deal with the Inflammation. Progesterone will definitely help if used correctly.

It's important to get your progesterone:estrogen ratio correct, it should be around 600:1, see Hormone Testing. Unfortunately vitex won't increase progesterone levels, and could increase estrogen as it has estrogenic properties. Agnus castus, it's official name, has been used for many problems which women suffer from, PMS, mastalgia, menstrual irregularities, fibrocystic breasts, increasing lactation and more, see here. In days gone by it was used by monks to reduce sexual desire, hence it's name 'chasteberry'. It can also reduce prolactin levels, prolactin is an inflammatory hormone and can cause tender breasts, see here, and luteal phase dysfunction, with subsequent problems in embryo implantation, see here. But because it has a mild oestrogenic action, levels of 17 beta-oestradiol can increase. One study found mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome occurred in the luteal phase, see here. If prolactin levels are high both progesterone and the amino acid tyrosine are very affective at suppressing it. Agnus castus doesn't contain progesterone. It's active constituents are the essential oils limonene, cineol, pinene, and sabinene. The iridoid glycosides aucubin, agnuside, and eurostide. The flavonoids casticin, kaempferol, quercetagetin, orientin, and isovitexin. And the diterpenes vitexilactone, rotundifuran, and 6-beta,7 beta-diacetoxy-13-hydroxy-labda-8,14-dien. It also contains several essential fatty acids, including oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.

If you are ovulating every month then that is a good sign, progesterone will certainly help you to conceive, again if used correctly as it works at creating a balance. Please read the Pregnancy page for more information on this.

Please make sure that your Vitamin D3 is optimal. It is vital for every single functioning cell in our bodies. It helps to keep our immune system strong, we all need it as we face COVID. It is also vital for you and your unborn child when you do conceive.

Best wishes.

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