Using progesterone - but cycles seem messed up after pregnancy, what do I do?

by Chris
(New Zealand)

Hi Wray.

Wonder if you can help me.

I had a baby 2mths ago...he's gorgeous and healthy.

I used progesterone all the way through my pregnancy at 100mg per day, split into two doses.

After I had him I used 200mg for the first couple of weeks to avoid PND. then reduced slightly to 175mg per day.

I then got my first period at 6 weeks after the birth. I am full time breast feeding on demand too! So I was quite surprised. I stopped the progesterone cream when I got that period. Which was reasonably heavy period for me too, as I have PCOS and they used to be very light but are more normal now. So anyway I stopped for 15 days and started again on the 15th day of my cycle at 150mg per day split in to two doses. And then, low and behold, I get my period again exactly 3 weeks after the start of the last one!

This is very unusual for me. I am usually like clock work. 28days on the dot and have always been that way. I am 41yrs old and my periods have always been 4wks apart, no variation and never any irregularity.

So my question is how do I use the cream effectively with this happening. Do I stop using it as soon as I start to bleed or keep going ignoring it and act like it is a 4wk cycle?

I really hope my cycles settles down I don't really want a period every 21 days!

Thanks for your help in advance :)


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Jun 26, 2012
Using progesterone - but cycles seem messed up after pregnancy, what do I do?
by: Wray

Hi Chris It's good to hear from you again and I'm delighted you've had the baby and he's so well. I'm puzzled you've started bleeding so soon after birth, particularly as you're breast feeding. If you had made the reduction to 175mg shortly before bleeding this could have caused it. But you say it was about 4 weeks after this that your period came. The only other thought is stress, but you don't sound in the least bit stressed! I must admit to being baffled. The erratic cycles don't puzzle me, as it's not unusual for this to occur after birth or a miscarriage too. You could try using it daily for 2-3 months, through any bleeding. This will ensure your progesterone is topped up. Then once you feel ready to you could begin following your cycle. ie at the next period you would stop the progesterone, then begin again day 14-15, if as you say you had 28 day cycles prior to the birth. I can't say if this will help at all, but you might like to give it a try. Otherwise it will be trying to gauge when you next ovulate and starting the cream then. Or working back from a 21 day cycle and starting the progesterone on day 7. Your own cycle should assert itself in time, but how long it will take I don't know. I do agree about having a period every 21 days, it would put me off! But it is within the normal cycle range. Take care Wray

Jul 10, 2012
by: Chris

Hi Wray

Thanks for your answer, sorry didn't get round to replying till now.

But, yes it definitely could be stress! I have my fair share. My husband and I separated when I was pregnant and I have just moved house. My other son is just going to start school, I have no who does! etc yea stress could definitely explain it.


Jul 12, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Chris Good heavens! Two of the top stressors, it's no wonder your cycle is messed up. I would really recommend using it daily for a few months, until things settle down. I doubt your period will stop coming doing this, as the amount has to be very high. But at least it will help the stress. I'm amazed by your cheerful attitude! I would like to help you, but can't through this forum. Please would you fill in the form on this page here. In the message box put in something like 'Please put me in touch with Wray', then I can take it from there. Take care Wray

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