Using essential oils with progesterone

by Frances
( NSW Australia)

Hi Wray, Is it OK to rub almond oil mixed with essential oils into the skin as a moisturiser after putting on the Natpro cream. Will this have any impact on the absorption or efficiency of Natpro?

To the lady who is concerned about importing Natpro to NZ. I live in Australia which has very tough import laws and there has been no problem with me receiving my cream. It just comes in the regular mail and I order three tubes each time. Thanks.

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Jul 08, 2010
Using essential oils with progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Frances Yes it is. Almond oil is a wonderful oil anyway, and the essential oils won't spoil the progesterone. I love them and use many, but we don't add them to the cream as some are allergic to them. If you prefer you can squeeze some progesterone cream on to your hand, add the almond oil and essential oils and then rub it all in at once! Progesterone needs an oil to enter the skin, so adding more will not affect it at all. Provided of course you use the amount you need each day and don't dilute it. I'm relieved you're using almond oil as a moisturiser, rather than the rubbish we're sold in the guise of skin 'care', which often has many harmful chemicals. You might like to try MCT oil, this is a medium chain triglyceride extracted from coconut oil, comprising 60% caprylic acid and 40% capric acid. It's white and has no smell, a very light oil. But you'll find it makes your skin incredibly soft, and another advantage the caprylic acid kills candida and some other fungi. It also goes in better than almond oil, reaching the lower layers of the skin. Thanks for your advice to the woman in NZ, so far we have not had any problems in either country. As you say Australia does have tough import laws. Take care Wray

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