Unbearable Vulval/Vaginal Pain - Desperate

by Isla

Have had problems with severe itch/pain in vulva/vagina/anus since September 2015. I am 39. My periods are every two weeks, sometimes every three weeks. Not heavy, just normal. I have done everything and I do mean everything. Working with a functional nutritionalist, a Body Stress Release lady and a stress relief lady for positive affirmations/hypnosis. I have utterly cleaned my diet. No allergens of any kind, organic, fibre, good fats, blood sugar now balanced. Supplements include Omega 7, fish oil, 10,000iu of Vit D, B vits, female probiotics, Calcium D Glucarate. Tests all negative for yeast/STD's. Thyroid fine, adrenals far too high cortisol levels, very high levels of beta-glucuronidase in stool test which stops oestrogen being excreted in faeces. I have cut all xenoestrogens I can think off although was an OCD hand washer for three years up until 6 months ago. I also have a genetic issue with one of the liver pathways that metabolises oestrogen. My skin is so much better, it was literally falling off me, my anxiety is hugely better as I was falling off the edge and my weight which plummeted to under 7 stone (from 9st 7) for no apparent reason seems to be stable again at just under 8st 5. However, I started taking Agnes Castus a month ago in the hope of finally kicking this horrendous itch and it just made it worse and worse to the point where it moved to stinging pain in addition to the burning and itching I had before. The last few days before my period came have been the worst of my life and I stopped the Agnus Castus today. It has told me that I still horribly oestrogen dominant as my symptoms are so obviously hormonal given the hellish month I've had. I didn't feel hormonal at all before that but realise AC has resensitised the oestrogen receptors that had down-regulated as they were overwhelmed by level of oestrogen.

What do I do now? The Natpro is currently out of stock. I just want the pain to go back to the level before but realise that to kick this I need to put in DIM and keep trying to get the oestrogen down. The pain is literally destroying me, I stand all day in agony and I can barely speak. The nerve painkillers are hellish as the constipation is so bad. Please can someone help me, I have done a year of utter hell and the last month has almost destroyed me. I have amazing partner and family and this is killing them. I don't want to give up but I never knew pain like this existed.


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Sep 26, 2016
by: ruby

isla,i too live in uk,as much as i love natpro,i cannot afford it all the time.luckily i have a sympathetic gp and she has prescribed me cyclogest which is a pessary of vegetable fat and progesterone,i have a 400 mg one a day, cut it in two,use one half in morning,other half at night,i warm it in microwave for 30 seconds and rub it on my skin,it does work as two years on i have no meno symptons left,only fuzzy facial hair!which is said to take some getting rid does take some months to work but is worth sticking with,hope this helps,good luck

Sep 08, 2020
So sorry for you
by: Anonymous

Isla, your comment is four years old but I've just seen it and wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I hope and pray you are far past this unbearable pain. If you lived in the US, I would recommend a cream called Julva made by Dr. Anna Cabeca. Perhaps she sells to the UK also? I've said a prayer for you.

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