Two more questions for Wray

by Tanja

Dear Wray,

you have probably missed my last post in theme "How should I continue?" because you have not answered and I hope you do not mind if I copy-paste it here.

It will soon be 3 months since I started using natural progesterone cream and these days I intend to stop using it and see what happens, but before I do it I would like to ask you a few questions.

1. Right now I am on 100 mg daily dosage, which is the smallest amount that you recommend, so do I stop using it all at once or should I reduce gradually?

2. I am on a raw vegan diet for 3 weeks now and before that I was vegetarian for years. I think that it one of the reasons why I have not had period for such a long time. In the past few years my progesterone level was very low (due to long term usage of contraceptive pills as well) and levels of all other hormones as well, but natural progesterone cream helped me to rise those levels significantly. Regardless of that I still think that I will not get my period back until I am not raw vegan diet but I would like to know if I am ovulating because I know that having menstruation is not necessary needed for ovulation. What is your opinion in this case?

Thank you in advance for your answers.



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Jun 27, 2013
Two more questions for Wray
by: Wray

Hi Tanya I did, I'm so sorry, we have been having problems with our server site so maybe that's why. To answer question 1 you should stop using it all at once, the amount is not high. But please watch for any Oestrogen Dominance symptoms. If they should appear, please start the progesterone again. It's interesting you think the vegan/vegetarian diet might be partly responsible for the lack of periods. It could be you're not getting enough fat, and I mean saturated fat. So please try to incorporate coconut oil into your diet, that might help. And if you go off the raw vegan, butter too. These are interesting papers, see here and here. Not only is fat essential but so is protein for normal egg development, do you think you're getting enough? Your diet should contain about 25% protein, see here. Or another way of looking at it is you should be getting 0.9 to 1.0g protein per kg per day of lean body mass. If you are interested in working out how much you are getting, the USDA National Nutrient Database is the best resource. The best way to check for ovulation is the mini-microscope. I will also post this reply on your other page. Take care Wray

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