ttc and confused

by melissa
(las vegas,nv)

I am 34. My husband and I are ttc. We have been officially trying for 3 years. I have children that are much older now and have not been able to conceive nor ovulate and have had no menses in the time that we have been trying. I recently went on to a website to get info on herbs and accupuncture and they reccomend all these vitamins so I am currently taking 7 different vitamins only starting 1 week ago. But I have been feeling funny so I decided to google them and half of them I shouldnt be taking for the side effects and my particular situation. I havent been to an herbalist yet but I would really love to get a professional opinion on these . I am taking bee pollen, milk thistle (which with having a progesterone defficiency) i shouldnt be taking , b complex, vitamin e golden seal, royal jelly, maca, l-arginine, prenatal vitamins, c, ginger root, rasberry leaf ginger, motherrs wort. some of these seem to according to google enhance my deficieny. so confused... My obgyn just puts me on clomid and progesterone to regulate my period. Someone pls help before these vitamins kills me lol

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Feb 17, 2013
ttc and confused
by: Wray

Hi Melissa Has anyone checked for PCOS? Although you do have older children, it is possible you had it then, but did conceive. Being that much older could account for it. Something has upset your reproductive system to cause anovulation and lack of bleeding. I doubt the 'progesterone' your obgyn gives you is progesterone, but a progestin. The vitamins etc you're taking are fine, but not the clomid, see here, and here. Or the progestin, see our page on Contraceptives. Although milk thistle has slight oestrogenic activity, it's such an invaluable addition it goes into all the complexes we make. I don't think you need all the things you're taking. I would suggest checking for the PCOS though. And please have a vitamin D test done, this is essential for ovulation, in fact it's essential right through to breast feeding. We do have a page on Pregnancy you could look through, and another here. Progesterone is also essential too. There is a list of nutrients on the PCOS page, all of which have initiated ovulation in women who hadn't ovulated. Take care Wray

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