Trying to discern how long to stay on an elevated level of progesterone

by Fran

I am 62 years old and I have been on bioidentical hormone replacement for aprox. 10 years. The doses have varied over this time. During this time, hot flashes continued and I noticed achy muscles,weight loss was difficult, difficulty getting a good nights sleep and some joint discomfort. I also am going through my 3rd active case of alopecia areatta, which is an autoimmunine disorder. The last prescribed doses of my creams were 1.25 Mg of bi-est and .50 mg of progesterone. My doctor wanted me off of the bi-est for a couple of years now but due to past literature, I was reluctant to get off and believed that readjustment of doses was all that was needed. About 6 weeks ago I got tired of the hot flashes and discontinued the bi-est. The previous mentioned symptoms continued and then I found this website. I upped my progesterone 100 mg at first but have since gone up to 200 mg. I find that hot flashes have lessened but I am sleepy, have headaches and feel light-headed. I understand that the progesterone stimulates the oestrogen receptors but how do I know if I'm using enough to eventually override this and how do I know how long to use this amount?
Thank you..Fran

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