Trying to conceive

by Ifedi genevive
(Le havre,france)

Hi,i wrote to you earlier about having a miscarriage after a fibroid surgery done 6 months prior to me conceiving.

Following your advice from the links you shared, I have been supplementing with nac 600mg daily, vitd3 5000iu daily, k2 mk-7(100mcg)daily and 40mg of progesterone cream during the 2nd part of my cycle.

Please I will like to know if I should continue taking them if I happen to get a positive pregnancy test?

Thank you

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Oct 14, 2019
Trying to conceive
by: Joy

Hi Ifedi

It's rather difficult to advise as you haven't continued on your original thread. You should be using nothing less than 100mg progesterone. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream and Pregnancy pages. You are also not taking magnesium which is an important co-factor for vitamin D3.

Once pregnancy is confirmed I suggest that you continue using progesterone until the fourth month but most women continue using progesterone throughout their pregnancy. It is important not to stop using until after the fourth month otherwise it could cause a miscarriage. You could stop taking NAC, but continue with D3, magnesium and K2.

Oct 14, 2019
by: Ifedi genevive

Thank you so much ❤️ for your prompt reply.
I forgot to mention that I am taking magnesium and omega 3.

I will definitely up my progesterone dose.
Thanks, I appreciate.

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