Trying to conceive

by Hope

I have been trying to conceive for many years now. I have had 3 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy. I have tried everything including fertility treatments and in- vitro.

I recently miscarried last month and the doctor recommended progesterone. I am willing to try anything. Should I try using an over the counter treatment?

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Aug 11, 2009
Trying to conceive
by: Wray

Hi Hope. 3 miscarriages could be caused by a lack of progesterone. I assume they have ruled out other factors that could be involved. As you have the backing of your doctor it's certainly worth a try. We've helped many women who've had recurrent miscarriages to have babies, with nothing more than progesterone.

If you do get an OTC cream please make sure the strength is high enough, many are not. I've found about 200mg/day progesterone is needed if recurrent miscarriages have occurred, sometimes higher.

Please see this web page we have on pregnancy.

The following papers might be of help too, there are many more on the web page above:

Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3

Take care, Wray

Feb 02, 2010
links not working
by: karen

Quite curious to follow the links, but no luck, can you include the actual site? Thanks! Also wondering as trying to conceive: how do I know when to decide it's the beginning of my period and stop the progesterone troches? I want to maintain a pregnancy if it's there, but the progesterone keeps my temp up and keeps bleeding so light I can't tell if it's implantation (also shortens my cycles) or a light period while pregnant so I'm afraid to go from half per day to 0 as per doctor's order with a tinge of pinkish blood once in a day! But of course if I don't and that was my period, then throw off the next cycle...Thanks for your thoughts!

Note from webmaster... 'sorry Karen, links now fixed'

Feb 24, 2010
Links not working
by: Wray

Hi Karen. I see, as the webmaster says, the links have now been fixed as I've just tried them. You should not be bleeding at all on the progesterone! I don't believe troches are the best delivery system. About 50% is swallowed, which means this will be mostly destroyed by the gut and liver. I'm a bit confused by the half per day to 0. Are you saying your doctor told you to stop the progesterone once pregnant? As this is the last thing you should do. Our luteal phase should be 12-14 days long, anything less and implantation will not take place, as the lining has not built up sufficiently. So if you have any spotting/bleeding at all in the luteal phase it means no embryo will implant. There should be no spotting/bleeding at all. If you have ovulated and you did conceive the progesterone you will be making will also be keeping your temp up. But you must sort out your bleeding, this can be done with progesterone, but you need anything from 200-400mg/day to do this. The only way you'll get this amount is with injections, suppositories/pessaries or a cream. Please try those links again and read this web page on pregnancy, there are many more papers on that page too. Take care, Wray

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