Trouble dosing during later pregnancy

by Arki


I am 20 weeks with a healthy baby after a loss at 8 weeks with no discoverable reason other than low thyroid levels. I am not properly treated with thyroid and have also been on progesterone Cream since 6 weeks at 100mg twice a day. I spent my first trimester totally depressed and exhausted despite very good thyroid numbers.

When I entered the second trimester the depression and exhaustion and nausea evaporated but I I started having other problems- blood sugar highs and lows. I lowered my dose thinking maybe I could come off of it. That gave me Braxton Hicks and horrible sleeping (up 4x a night and sometimes wide awake early) and very irritable with headaches. I tried to lower it more and that was a disaster - I felt awful and with near panic. So, now I’m trying the original dose again but all I want to do is sleep and I am having blood sugar reactions after I eat and so so so so hungry.

My questions are: Do I need to increase beyond 200mg a day? Also, if I am at the higher dose towards the end, do I need to lower it in order to give birth? If I don’t, will labor be delayed?

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