Trialing another progesterone cream

by Susan
(Perth, Oz)

Hi again Wray....I have been having trouble having my natpro delivered to my place due to being a new estate and we're not on the google maps yet although not for trying and making contact with google. So therefore I've been forced to look at how I can obtain progesterone cream here in Australia. My question is about the ingredients of the cream I'm currently trialing which is called ProFeme 10 which is supplied by script by a doctor here made by Mt Lawley Pharmaceuticals.
Ingredients are:
PROFEME® is a transdermal drug delivery system consisting of a white
oil-in-water cream intended for topical administration of progesterone
and contains dl-α- tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), almond oil and
macadamia oil formulated to optimise systemic absorption of the
active ingredient. Also contains cetomacrogol 1000, cetostearyl
alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene, propyl hydroxybenzoate, citric
acid, methyl hydroxybenzoate, triethanolamine, carbomer 940, B&J
Phenonip® and purified water. PROFEME® contains the naturally
occurring hormone progesterone.
Could you please tell me if they are ok? This product is also safe for pregnant women which I thought good. I am in perimenopause just to refresh your memory. I still have about 6 tubes of natpro left but thought I'd hang on to them if other option fails. I love your product but at the moment due to delivery problems (until we move) have to trial this.
I really appreciate any help you can offer.

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Mar 08, 2012
Trialing another progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi Susan Good to hear from you. How amazing the post office needs google maps to find you! And all the trouble you've had to go to, and what a pity. Well if you have to use the cream because of symptoms, you have to use it. But it's not one I would put on my skin! I use the EWG site to check for ingredients, they have a rating score of 1-10, 1 being of no concern. I haven't done the oils, Vit E, citric acid or water, but I've done the others for you to look at. It has 3 preservatives, one a composite of many. See cetomacrogol, cetostearyl alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene. BHT is an oestrogenic antioxidant, often used in fried goods like crisps, biscuits etc, plus many cosmetics. Why they use this I don't know, as the vitamin E is an antioxidant. Propyl hydroxybenzoate, methyl hydroxybenzoate, triethanolamine, carbomer 940, and B&J Phenonip. This is a blend of phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, see here. The parabens and phenoxyethanol have been banned by Ecocert for use in natural and organic skin care. Sorry I can't rate it highly for you, it's very costly too. I do hope you find a better alternative. Take care Wray

Mar 08, 2012
Oh dear!
by: Susan

Thanks're an absolute wealth of info :) I might consider asking a friend if I could use their address until we move.....grrr! I also think that the cream doesn't work well either as I was just putting it down to not being sure but hot flashes have returned so will definitely not buy any more of the script cream.
Thanks again for your dedication to healthiness!

Mar 10, 2012
Oh dear!
by: Wray

Hi Susan I felt rotten saying what I did, after all your work on looking into an alternative. I'm sure there must be others? But I was not happy with it, and had to say so. It's interesting you say it didn't seem to work as well. Although it was a 3.2% cream, and very nearly the same concentration of the Natpro, which is 3.3%, I have found the carrier oil is of critical importance. Plus the thickness of the cream, some of the thicker ones don't release the progesterone at all well. We do know from Saliva Tests we run that the Natpro does get absorbed. I wouldn't give up looking for an alternative, in case you have problems again. Your idea of a friends address seems a good solution, but what a bore! Take care Wray

May 29, 2016
Profem cream
by: Anonymous

I have also been prescribed the profeme cream, the 10% which is meant to be far stronger than the natpro cream. You only use 0.3mls of it though! I was very happy with natpro but haven't been able to get it recently. Anyone have any advice?

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