Total Hysterectomy

by KMF
(Texas, USA)

I had a total hysterectomy about 16 years ago. I was immediately put on estrogen, nothing else. After playing around with different doses and different pills and creams, I finally settled on an estrogen called Cenestin. I take the lowest dose and it works very well! I also take Vagifem twice weekly, which is an estrogen inserted vaginally.

Recently, I have had A LOT of stress in my life with kids, grandkids, new job, the list goes on and on! My obgyn put me on testosterone 40mg daily (one 20mg in the morning, one at bedtime.) That worked for a while then seemed to stop. I was gaining weight like crazy, even though I am a certified aquatic instructor and teach water aerobics 9 hours a week plus work out at home! They checked my thyroid, said it was low, put me on thyroid, 60mg daily. Then, the stress overtook everything and the obgyn put me on progesterone, 100mg. YUCK! I gained 10 pounds in three weeks! I did not want to try progesterone ever again!

I have recently started your cream though, and right off, I noticed I am sleeping like a baby and my hot flashes have stopped completely. I am not bloated at all and haven't gained weight so far, but, I'm not losing weight either! But, so far, I like the cream and hope that it brings a sense of calm over me. Is it normal to gain weight with compounded progesterone? What about testosterone? I've read it is very harmful to your kidney's, so, I cut back my testosterone intake to one, 20mg at bedtime. What do you think? Sometimes I think I'm taking too many things? But, at the same time, I feel ok. The biggest thing is my energy level, it is terrible. I don't know! Seems I am very confused!

Thank you for reading this!:)

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Nov 02, 2009
Total Hysterectomy at 38
by: Wray

Hi KMF. I'm surprised you didn't gain weight on the oestrogen, as that stimulates fat cells, so we gain more. It also causes insulin resistance which does the same, and I believe this is your main problem now. Insulin resistance also slows down the thyroid, in fact it slows everything down, you might like to read more about it here.

I'm not in favour of testosterone for women, you don't mention why you were given it, it won't help with the stress you have. We have many men using it to increase their libidos, rather than testosterone! But progesterone will help the stress, as it activates the GABA receptor sites, GABA is one of our most calming neurotransmitters. Please remember that stress drops progesterone levels, so your symptoms are likely to come back when stressed. Please use more cream over that time. The reason you put on weight when the obgyn gave you progesterone is explained in full on this web page.

I'm pleased the cream has helped, but surprised you didn't get oestrogen dominance from it as you did for the previous version you used. Take care, Wray

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