Tired of the run around

For the last 6 years I have been seeing one health professional after another and all tell me something different.

I had salivary tests done and the levels were - E2 8,P4 164, P4:E2 21, Testosterone 247. (all pmol/L & luteal/day 21), I'm told that these are all within normal range/levels except the testosterone and that my symptoms are all in my head. Then I started my own research and discovered that none of that is really normal and I really do need some help.

So I started talking a Metagenics product called Femme Premenstral, this really helped. I also used a progesterone cream, however at a much reduced rate from what you recommend. I did see great improvement to start with but then the effects went away. Now that I know that I can use more I'm sure that it will only get better.

I do however have a question about the ratio of P4:E2. Can you tell me please if this is in the normal range. Also, Cortisol, I have a great deal of stress and was told that is the reason my testosterone levels are too high. Can you shed any light on this, please. I'm very greatful for your website as it has really answered my questions and given me a great deal of peace of mind. IT'S NOT ALL IN MY HEAD. THANK GOODNESS.

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Mar 09, 2011
Tired of the run around
by: Wray

Hi there If there's one phrase which is like a red rag to me, it's 'all in your mind, pull yourself together'! Or one could argue it is all in our minds, or further, it's in the body/mind. As Candace Pert puts it, we are governed by our 'molecules of emotion', found in every cell in the body. These communicate through neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, hormones, cannabinoids, nitric oxide and more. If any one of these is in short supply, or is 'misfiring', all hell breaks loose! We've found from Saliva Tests we run that the ratio of progesterone to oestrogen should be 600:1 and over to feel well, yours is only 21:1. So it's nowhere near normal, or what I regard as normal. Progesterone is the precursor to cortisol. The adrenals first convert cholesterol into progesterone, then convert this into cortisol. If stress levels are high, progesterone levels drop, as the adrenals can't cope and rob ovarian progesterone. This in turn plays havoc with our reproductive system, not to mention our moods! Are you sure your testosterone levels are that high?! Is there not a point missing somewhere? Levels range in females from 16?55 pg/ml or 0.56 - 1.91 pmol/L, and in males from 44?148 pg/ml or 1.53 - 5.14 pmol/L. There is a relationship between cortisol and testosterone. But there are conflicting studies, in some it's been shown that during intense exercise they both rise, but in others that cortisol increases and testosterone decreases. In other circumstances, cortisol depresses testosterone, ie a pharmocological dose of cortisol, stress and depression also decrease testosterone levels. A high carb diet increases testosterone levels, see here. The reason for this is glucose inhibits SHBG, with less of this, testosterone rises. Originally it was thought high insulin increased testosterone, but a new study shows it doesn't, see here. So I'm mystified why your testosterone is so high, unless aromatase is non existent. This enzyme converts testosterone to oestrogen in men and women. Has this been checked? Please see our page on Anxiety for more info on progesterone and stress. Take care Wray

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