Thyroidectomy, Menopause and Progesterone

by Cecilia

I am a 49 year old women and found out I had issues with progesterone for a very long time.

In the mean time I had a thyroidectomy due to cancer, and Syntroid was not a good option as a replacement therapy as the T4 was not converted properly.

I went through years of problems due to the conversion issue being undetected. I am currently using desiccated thyroid.

Now that the peri-menopause is almost at it's end, I have to do something as my body is convulsing in need for hormones.

I have recently been given progesterone cream for a short while known as yam extract cream, and it worked for a little while and now is not working any longer.

Please help me understand which progesteron and estrogen is better to take for a women in her 50's.

The MD is giving me Estrogen and Progesteron prescription. I am simply terrified to take those. I read your article about the fact that progesteron cream should contain stigmasterol from soy bean. Is that correct?

I also used evening primrose oil for a few days here and there. 1000mg a day is way too much for me, I can feel the estrogen dominance almost immediately.

Please help me decide on the right HRT treatment, and more so the right progesterone cream or pills.

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Dec 09, 2022
Thyroidectomy, Post Menopause and Progesterone
by: Kate

I have many of the same issues. I am 58 years old post menopausal after thyroidectomy eight years ago. I have recently suffered from adrenal fatigue from losing most of my hormones and endocrine reserves. I have added progesterone only 12 mg topically and then I had my labs done. I went hypo thyroid to TSH 4.86 and my T3 decreased to 2.6. I felt wonderful and started sleeping at night, my whole body felt wonderful but a little hypo/dizzy. I would increase my thyroid meds but my blood pressure is very high. I guess I expected a different reaction to the hormone is being added that it would increase my T3 but in fact I think I decrease my T3 which affects my cortisol. Is there some guidance regarding adding hormone replacement therapy and the effect on thyroid medication? I’m finding the endocrinologist are not helpful in this regard. I’ve been to four different endocrinologist and no one seems to be able to help me through this process.

Dec 11, 2022
Thyroidectomy, Post Menopause and Progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Kate

It is incredibly sad that most of our medical professionals, no matter what field, can't help us. All they have to do is read the study papers on the matter, it's all there for everyone to see.

If you do a search on Thyroid on this website you will see lots of posts similar to yours. Perhaps this will help you. Also read the page on Thyroid see here.

Unfortunately you were not advised on how to use progesterone correctly, see here. Between 100-200mg per day is needed, more if symptoms are severe. The amount that you used would have aggravated your estrogen receptors which is not what any woman wants, it would have added to your already Estrogen Dominance symptoms, see here.

Extremely important is Vitamin D3, if deficient it reduces the benefits of progesterone. It is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies making it vital and that would include the thyroid. Are you taking iodine drops, selenium and tyrosine? These are excellent for thyroid support. Please take the time to view the video by Dr David Brownstein on the thyroid, see here.

There is also an excellent thyroid group on Facebook if you are on Facebook called, Stop the Thyroid Madness perhaps it will help you.

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