Thyroid, Progesterone & High blood sugar


I am writing for the simple reason that all of my life i have been healthy. Organic, juicing, vegetarian, vegan, raw food diet and now a normal diet that incorpates protien (nuts, seeds, raw eggs, chicken), including vegetables, juicing greens, blue/green alage. I too am waiting to receive my bee pollen from canada to incorporate it in my diet. Seems with our toxic enviroments and lifestyles, one has to go to extreme to be able to get the adequate amount of nutrition in our bodies. Well at least this has been my experience for the last 30 years. I started changing my diet in my early 20's.

I was currently diagnosed with a hypo thyroid problem (probably always had it but never diagnosed and exasberated with chronic stress). I am low progesterone, DHEA, iron, and iodine. And, how can i forget, i now have high sugar which i have never had.

I am making lifstyle changes by going back to my organic raw salads with proten, taking yoga & pilates about 6 days a week, and i am making a job change to reduce my stress as well as attempting to reduce my care taker responsibility for my slighty demantia mother, who i live with currently.

with all that being said, i am currently seeing an MD from Cornell University, out of network provider, who has recommended nature thyroid (natural thyroid prescription made from the thyroid of pigs/beef) and he has prescribed a compound progesterone from the pharmacy which i am told is made out of yams. The progesterone compound is either 50 or 100 grams, i can't recall as i have not picked it up yet, and since i have NEVER been on any type of medication, i am reluctant to start now, but don't want to do a disservice to myself if it will help.

For the record, my D3, omega oil, CBC, liver, kidneys, flora bacteria are excellent according to my Dr. The issue lies in the endrocine system, thyroid, adreno glands depleted, high blood sugar, low on dhea & progesterone. I have a DHEA supplement i am taking, but need to increase the dosage to 20 mg, as recommend by the dr. He also wants to give me a iodine and iron supplement, as well as, magnesium as i was low on that too.

My question is this, would your progesterone cream be better and safer than the compound made out of yams? IF so, what is the protcol usage of your cream,ie: how much do i apply, when, how many times a day/week. One of my most current symptoms is what seems like constant sweating, which may be a result of the my depleted adrenos, thyroid or menopause. At any rate, your feed back would be apprecited, as allthough i have the assitance of a Dr., it seems best to educate oneself so that I can make the best possible decisions for myself. End of the day, everyone is difference and we have to be able to listen to our bodies. Mine is very senstive and will let me know right away is something is wrong, and/or if a particular food or supplement is not good for me, it seems i will have an immediate side effect. Thus, my concern/fear with taking presc medications although my Dr. is an MD, is he an alternative Dr., and only prescribes meds when necessary.

Again, thank you for this forum. The ability to talk about my situation and for your feedback. Since this is my first time every doing this, i hope i can get back into the site to read your response.

Blessings !

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Mar 18, 2015
Thyroid, Progesterone & High blood sugar
by: Wray

Hi there Just to clarify, you say the 'progesterone compound is either 50 or 100 grams'. Do you mean 50mg/g or 100mg/g? You don't say how much of this you have been asked to use. It's impossible for me to say how much either, although I do suggest that people start with 100-200mg/day and increase or decrease as they see fit. We have more info on our age How to use Progesterone Cream. It's a question of experimenting, as you say yourself, we are all different. You say your Vitamin D is excellent according to your doctor. Unless he's kept up to date with the latest studies, the chances are it's low. Be cautious about taking the DHEA, as it gets converted to testosterone. I'm glad he checked magnesium as that is often low due to low levels in our soils. It's also the most important co-factor for vitamin D. I can't answer your question about would our cream be safer or better, as I don't know what's in the compound cream. I only know the raw materials we use are safe. If you are concerned about any of the ingredients, please see the Skin Deep website. The constant sweating could be because of Menopause, but I don't know if you have reached this yet. You might find more info about it on our page about Hot Flushes. If you do use progesterone, you will probably get Oestrogen Dominance, it's a rare woman who doesn't. Please don't put this down to your body being 'sensitive, know right away is something is wrong and having immediate side effect'. It can be very unpleasant, but has to be worked through. Thanks for your kind words about the site. Take care Wray

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