Three chemical pregnancies in 4 yrs - should I use progesterone cream

by Deedee

As the title says... we've been trying for 4 years. I am in my 40s and have two children already (12 and 8) and managed to get pregnant very easily in my thirties.

Now it's so much more difficult - the doctor says it's just our age. On my second chemical pregnancy on day 21 of my cycle I had my blood tested and the progesterone level was 8 which my doctor said was not enough for a viable pregnancy.

Her answer was to put me on Clomid to boost my ovulation - which I thought was weird as I always ovulate (I track and chart and temp and am pretty clued up about my body). I asked about progesterone supplements but here in the UK doctors think it's quack medicine and don't prescribe it - but two more Cps later I am sure my problem is not enough progesterone.

I'm wondering if I am entering the perimenopausal state and it is too late - last positive HPT was last week at 10 days past ovulation - which then disappeared and I had my period starting this week.

Should i start using progesterone cream, how much and at what point in my cycle should i start - and where should I apply it?

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