The bleeding won't stop!!!!

by Chris

I have been spotting for the past 16 months. It was never really enough for a pad. Just when I wiped. I started progesterone cream 2.5 weeks ago at 400mg a day. about 1.5 weeks ago I added 2000 mg NAC and 10,000 IU Vitamin D. About a week ago I upped my progesterone to 600 mg a day.

The day after I started progesterone I had started passing huge clots and heavy red bleeding. After a week of the heavy stuff and cramps I upped my progesterone to the 600 mg. I continue to bleed ( about 1/2 a pad a day) dark red blood. Today ( still on 600mg a day and applying it every 1-2 hours) I am starting to pass clots and have gushes AGAIN.

Maybe my problem was never progesterone related? PLease help! I feel like I am losing a grip here!

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Mar 02, 2014
by: Chris

Have you been checked for a fibroid? I have the same clotting and gushing issues despite being on progesterone via bio identicals. I am starting to suspect a fibroid. I'm 50 and on the doorstep of menopause which may be a contributing factor. I am low in vit D, btw. I just began taking 5000 IU's daily. I am planning a yet another trip to the Dr. this week to have them check for a fibroid. Do you any history of fibroids? I do not but have had ovarian cysts in the past. Not sure if any of this is related but thought I'd throw it in for you to think about. I had a endometrial biopsy a few months ago which was negative. Lastly, I have terrible drops in energy to the point of having to lay down despite being told my iron is fine. Good luck and keep me posted what you find out. I'll do the same.

Mar 04, 2014
by: Chris

No, I have not been checked. I really hate going to the doctors because they just want to keep sticking things in or pulling things out. I had an endometrial biopsy one time about 9 years ago ( when I was doing fertility treatments). I will never allow it again.

My "heavy" bleeding never even started until I started the progesterone cream. I started it to stop some light spotting I have been having for about a year. The spotting was so light that I rarely ever needed a pad. Once I started progesterone ( in face the day after) it turned a faucet on inside. The higher I go in cream the more I bleed and the bigger the clots get.

I have now been flooding, gushing and throwing clots for over a month. I am considering stopping and just letting the oestrogen take over my body. It is much nicer to me.

I would much rather have the spotting than all of this bleeding and clots!

Mar 05, 2014
by: Chris Y

Why did you start the progesterone? (Sorry if I missed that part.)
Here are some thoughts: Obviously, you are producing too much estrogen. Do you take any type of supplement? If so, WHAT IS IT? (This very well might be the issue.) There are many which claim to be for women dealing with PMS or menopause which my Dr. warned me about because they can trigger estrogen receptors.
Do you have PCOS? Are you overweight? Are you African American? How old are you? Do you drink alcohol regularly?
What is your diet? Are you Type II diabetic?
Could you be mineral/vitamin deficient? What about D?
My period just began and the clots are diminished for the first time in a year. I wonder if the vitamin D is doing the trick? Also, I've added magnesium. And, I'm taking OTC iron (for the past few days) because of weakness. The bleeding isn't the normal hemorrhage but still heavy and my period is still early, 15 days. So, the estrogen is still too high but the clotting is so much less.
I think we probably both have fibroids or polyps which estrogen fuels. It seems like progesterone isn't helping yours much. WHY though? (I'll work on that.)
And I share your sentiments about going to the doctor. I've had so many blood tests that is laughable. Lastly, maybe you should go on BCP? I hate them but if it improves your quality of life, maybe you should?

Mar 05, 2014
Forgot this....
by: Chris Y

I forgot something. Do you smoke?

Are you taking Natpro or something else?

And, I realize now that your progesterone was started for BTB. Not sure how I missed that.


Mar 05, 2014

I am taking the full heavy bleeding protocol.
3000 mg NAC
10,000 iu vitamin D
1000 mg bioflavnoids
2000 mg taurine
I also take a womens multivitamin.

My mother started perimenopause when she was 35. I will be 38 in July.

I have no special diet restrictions. I have been told I have " PCO Tendencies". I am not diabetic. I am white. I am overweight but do not feel that plays a major role.

I was up to about 800 mg progesterone. The more I take in the heavier the bleeding gets. I am going to stop taking it for a little while to see if the bleeding stops. I would much rather have the light spotting I had before than bleed to death or end up hospitalized.

Mar 06, 2014
PCOs etc...
by: Chris Y

Sorry, this may be long.....
I went into peri at 39 after the birth of my last child. I miscarried at 45. I believe it was due to low prog. No one ever suggested it but I had symptoms then.
I have eye problems; blepharitis, which started at that time. (This is common, apparently in PCOS). I am thin. I am white. I do not smoke but drink regularly and more than recommended. I had my thyroid tested last week and it was perfect. Recently, I have gained ten pounds and lost hair and fingernails are bad, etc. Feeling 'heavy' in so many respects. (Pelvic floor is heavy before my period.)
I saw a gyno (that did the biopsy)that led me to believe my low energy and heavy bleeding was cancer. She also said I should not be taking prog every day. So I stopped it and that is when the clotting really went haywire. So, progesterone absolutely helps. The key, perhaps, is making sure you are consistent and make sure it's real progesterone. Not anything that is allowing the Estrogen to take over.
I believe I do have PCOS--a mild form of it. I think insulin resistance is involved here. (That is why I asked you about diabetes and weight.)
I am trying to lay off the alcohol which is difficult. I have cut down on carbs and calories. I mentioned taking magnesium. I added E a few days ago and as I mentioned my period is entirely different this cycle. No clots and not as heavy. I noticed that many of the fibroid supplements contain magnesium. You might try it.
Did something change when your BTB started?(Stressful event?) I'm assuming you are off BCP's? My girlfriend has similar issues. Her period won't stop. She went on a mild BCP and is happier then I've seen her in years. I poo poo'd it but clearly she is better for it. She never tried progesterone creams.
I hope this helps you. Its hard for people to understand how debilitating this can be.

Mar 08, 2014
by: Chris

I dont drink or smoke. I quit smoking almost 10 years ago when I got pregnant with my daughter via fertility treatments.

I dont think anything stressful was going on at the time od the BTB. I dont remember really it was a year and a half My only sibling ( brother) passed away a month after the BTB started. That may have added any stress continuation? I am really not a high strung person so I don't think it would have been stress related.

Over the last few days, the large clots have stopped. I am doing 120mg progesterone 4 times a day right now. It seems to be helping better than 800mg. Maybe My body didnt like that much?!?! It all seems to be slowly stopping now. I am certainly tired of the cramps and bleeding though!

My energy level is good. I'm not sleepy or weak feeling.

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