The beginning of no periods?

by Robyn
(Boston, MA)

Hello Wray,
Ok. I am 47, have my period every 28 days except for last month- came on day 24 while I was still using the progesterone cream. Stopped the progesterone, had a 2 day period, started counting on day 1 and on day 12 began the cream and then stopped on day 24. It is now day 31- no period.
The bigger issue is the last 2 nights- night sweats are back and I have a migrane. All symptoms that went away while on progesterone. I guess my question is, shall I suffer through and see if and when I will get my period and deal with the night sweats and migrane or just start using progesterone everyday?
Basically, how many missed periods before you begin an everyday regimine of progesterone?

I use 100 ml progesterone day 12-24 each night.

Any help is appreciated.

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Nov 10, 2012
The beginning of no periods?
by: Wray

Hi Robyn Well I began using it daily, through any bleeding, while I still had regular periods. I was also 47. I tried stopping for the customary 14 day break, and all my symptoms came back, horrors! I asked Dr Dalton about the problem, and she said to use it daily, no harm done. So I did and of course didn't look back, one reason I suggest the same protocol to other women. To my mind it's more important to get rid of bad symptoms, just for the sake of trying to keep to the cycle. I'm puzzled why you use it from day 12 to 24 when you have a 28 day cycle? Progesterone should be used from ovulation to bleeding, i.e. the 12-14 days of the luteal phase. Although I usually recommend using it for the full 14 days, as it means sufficient will be used. In a 28 day cycle ovulation occurs ± day 14. Although if someone is trying to fall pregnant, I recommend using it during the 50 hours progesterone surge that occurs prior to ovulation. To give that a boost. If your Migraines and Hot Flushes are back I wouldn't hesitate to use it daily! The hot flushes/night sweats were my worst. It is best to use the progesterone a minimum of twice a day as levels begin dropping after about 13 hours. Don't hesitate to use more either, I've generally found at least 400mg/day is needed for the hot flushes, you were lucky the 100mg/day helped. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

Nov 12, 2012
Thanks Wray!
by: Robyn

Thank you for the advice.. I take the progesterone on day 12-24 per my original prescription from my doc. I will try using it everyday - looking forward to it. I feel the best on those days. I use the "top click" 50 ml. So I believe 2 clicks is 100 ml. That is what I have been using but I did order the Natpro and will start using that once my prescription runs out. I will let you know how it goes.... Hopefully it will help other women as well. This is a great site, so handful for your advice and guidance. Take care..

Nov 13, 2012
Thanks Wray!
by: Wray

Hi Robyn I do find it odd, all these arbitrary protocols for using progesterone. Some are told day 8 to 24, when they still have a cycle. Using it from day 8 can stop ovulation as it works as a contraceptive. Thank you for trying the Natpro, do let me know how you get on with it. Depending on how well the progesterone was being absorbed with the cream you currently use, you might find you get slight Oestrogen Dominance when starting the Natpro. We know it's absorbed well, as we run Saliva Tests periodically. So please watch for this. I suggest you start off on the same amount of progesterone as you use now. Time enough to increase it if you need to. Take care Wray

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