by Louize
(Saskatchewan , Canada)

I just want to extend a thank-you for your thinking outside the box so to speak in recommending more progesterone cream than the average 30 to 50 or so mgs. the usual progesterone sites or Drs. recommend.

The last several months I've been applying 200mgs or more (depending on symptoms) a day of progesterone cream and it has given me back my life! At 52 I can function again and cope and I have so much more energy, my headaches are gone, etc... Thank you Wray!

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Dec 09, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Louise Bless you for the kind words and for trusting me! I find it so hard to persuade people it will not harm them. After all we make over 400mg/day in the third trimester of pregnancy, it's needed then. I've found high amounts are also needed in the many problems we are faced with now. Not least because we are confronted with excessive Endocrine Disruptors in our food, water, air and the skin care we use, suncreens being of particular concern. Stress drops progesterone levels, too many people have far too much stress in their lives. Take care Wray

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