Test results in... can you help me understand them please?

by Nicola

Hi Wray, I have had a saliva test done on day 21 of a 26 to 28 day cycle, I have been using Natpro 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and 1/2 teaspoon in the evening for almost two months now. (I am 43 years old).

These are the results: progesterone 4000 pg/ml
oestradiol 3.8 pg/ml
and it gives a ratio of 1052

Can you tell me what this means please, do I have too much progesterone? On the day of the test I did it first thing in the morning leaving a gap of 12 hours from last application of cream as this is what they recommended.

I have also had a vitamin D test done and the result was 82.6 nmol/l
which I think is good isn't it? I was quite surprised by this.

Thank you as always for the time you give to answering my questions.

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Jul 06, 2011
Test results in... can you help me understand them please?
by: Wray

Hi Nicola Your ratio is good! You might like to see the results of some Saliva Tests we run. They are all done for us by a naturopath in the UK. It's from these we know the progesterone in Natpro is absorbed very well. Plus the benefit to the women was only to obvious in their response. You might also like to see this page we have here. The page explains the high levels achieved when using topical progesterone. I'm delighted you had a vitamin D test done, but it's low. The UK does the test in nmol/L whereas the US does it in ng/ml. I tend to give the ng/ml as most of the studies are done in the States. To find the ng/ml you divide the nmol/L by 2.5 which gives you a level of 33ng/ml. This is acceptable by labs and doctors, but not by the specialists, who recommend 70-100ng/ml. This is 175-250 nmol/L. Sorry to disappoint you! If you want to get it up quickly you should take 10 000iu's per day of vitamin D for a month. The normal daily dose is 5000iu's, well that's the recommendation from specialists, not from doctors, who still stick to the 600iu's per day. Dr Cannell's site is very good, see Vitamin D Council. Take care Wray

Jul 07, 2011
test result in ...
by: nicola

Thanks Wray for your fast response, really interesting regarding the vit D results as i don't get much sun at all so was a bit confused when they said my level was more than adequate, I have read the link you sent me and am going to up my vit D supplement for a bit.

Thankyou also for the link to the test results... that was the same company I used! I didn't really give you any info on how I am doing on natpro so thought I would as i am wondering if I should lower the dose (although i'm thinking not yet) I am taking it every day at the moment as i had said in a previous post that i didn't think i was ovulating and you suggested to continue it everyday for a couple of months. The first month i noticed almost immediately that my anxiety lessened greatly and i was a lot less weepy but my breasts went up a cup size and were so painful , my period came after 21 days and my breasts stopped hurting, i also felt quite good for about a week but 12 days into this cycle my breasts have become painful again and i am really tired again. I know this very early days and i am hoping as the months go on i will see more and more benefit from using Natpro, my only concern is that as my levels were quite high am i using too much ( 1/2 teaspoon AM and PM). Regards.

Jul 08, 2011
test result in ...
by: Wray

Hi Nicola Yes it is so confusing all the different ways of measuring and interpreting. The Conventional Unit is generally used in America, whereas the SI Unit is used by the rest of the world. Reference ranges can vary between countries and between labs. Furthermore some results are given in pg/ml and others in ng/ml. A pg is 1000 times smaller than a ng. To add to the confusion, if there is only one Unit given, that is the standard the world over! It's like picking your way through a maze. I'm pleased the anxiety lessened, but if you ever feel your breasts getting sore, please rub the cream all over them. I do this twice daily anyway, and have for years now. The reason they stopped hurting when you got your period, was because both oestrogen and progesterone drop to their lowest level. The ratio is now no longer skewed. Evidently you need to increase it the few days before it's due to prevent any adverse symptoms. Although your ratio was good, it's obvious not all is right. I would suggest increasing to 200mg/day or 6ml of cream. You might even need more, certainly prior to your period. You might be encouraged to read these comments from other users, who all had to use very high amounts to achieve any relief, see here, here, here and here. Take care Wray

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