by Temp
(Roanoke Va)

Hi Wray, if a progesterone cream is made with Diosgenin Cream and Wild Yam Extract, this is not the same as USP progesterone is it? I read somewhere that it has a progesterone like effect but is not the same thing and wanted to clarify.

Also,I have been using emerita pro-gest daily at around 120 mg for almost two years to overcome estrogen dominance.I am in peri-menopause and everytime I have tried to follow my cycle the estrogen comes back with a vengeance. In my case due to other health conditions I may not ever be able to overcome the estrogen dominance on my own and may need to stay on the cream indefinately. My only issue is that I have noticed a slight yellowish tan look to my skin that isnt my usual skin color. I dont have any liver problems to my knowledge but do have another health condition that causes vasodilation and could contributing to the skin color change but I wanted to make sure.I read that progesterone can cause jaundice.Is this true? I dont have any yellow in my eyes just yellowish tannish skin and Im usually very fair. Any guidance Id much appreciate.Thanks in advance!

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