TBI took my life

by Sherri
(New York)

May 2010 I was driving a motorcycle when I way t-boned by a Ford F-150. I was only traveling at approx 20 mph. I remember see green (truck color)then I was just starting to stand and I was in front of the truck and my bike was down the road.
I do not have any memories as to how I went over the bike or how I landed. I came up with great rage, swearing words that I would never say, I even punched this mans truck! I was a 45 yr old female mother of 2 sons and a professional business owner of 20 years.
Besides the rage and extreme shoulder and wrist pain I felt I was very lucky. I was just down the road from my home so I told the ambulance to leave..(#1 mistake as I would have gotten better emergency care)I arrange for my bike to get taken care of and my son picked me up..I then went to E.R and sat for 2 hrs not being seen, my son was bitten by a pit bull so I signed myself out, still in extreme pain. Drove myself to another medical center where my son was taken..I asked them to see me, they had no concerns for my brain, just splinted my wrist and gave me an order for xrays.
The next day I went for xrays no breaks in shoulder or wrist I had a script for pain so I was driving to my local drug store and I was LOST??? I sat for a while, could not figure out why I was were I was, then I seen the script on my seat, said "oh yes thats where I am going". A week later I am driving on the highway headed out of town and I have no idea why I was doing that so I turned around went back to E.R, all they were concerned with was my shoulder (they seen a small fracture) then they seen where some air had leaked from my lung up into my chest/throat region. Then someone said , wow she must have been hit pretty hard. 10 hrs later no dr concerned about my brain signed myself out.
I ended up with a neruo that tested me and i was having seizures. Long story short, my brain was never treated after the accident with anything, 4 years later I am financially struggling as I gave away a 20 year business ..I cant work I have memory issues, poor judgement, rage, anxiety, depression I am almost 50 and my financial future was robbed from me as well as keeping any type of personal relationship.
I did research on my own, and knew that a lack of hormones had to play a roll in my slow healing but I could not get my local doctors to work with me, and lack of insurance didnt help.
This information NEEDS to get to the ER Physicians! I know I would have had a much different result with proper care at ER. I am still searching, any information that you could provide that I could give to my local dr to encourage them to look at the hormones would be great. I have taken articles, they dont look at them, but research notes my make them take notice.
Thank you for any help you may be able to give.
Sherri McCabe

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Jun 05, 2014
TBI took my life
by: RJ

Hello Sherri!
How truly sad this heart goes out to you. Thank the Lord above you survived. My husband was almost hit twice in one day...sold the bike and bought a 4-wheeler. Your story is why we search on the internet for answers....most doctors stink...period. They don't care about us as individuals, they do not care about the lives we lead or who all depend on us for their lives. We are numbers to them. Finding a good doctor that you can feel confident when walking in and then out of their office is so difficult. Now because of their lack, you have suffered and continue to suffer. Hopefully, this is where your suffering is going to end. If you really want to know where your hormones are do a saliva test and send it off to one of the labs that Wray recommends on her site. Don't worry about convincing these doctors that you need it. You know what I'm paying for it so do it is what you'd really like to tell them. At your age, progesterone is nil and you'll needs lots to help you out and maybe it will help your memory also. Many of us on here have and are going through the same symptoms as you are. Lots of progesterone and supplements will help...not immediately, but it will all work itself out. With your stress level you're gonna need to go high...don't mess around with that 20-100 mg a day dosage or you're going to get worse. Hang in there....there is light at the end of your tunnel. Have faith and most of all patience. Read Wray's site front to will be a blessing for you. God Bless! RJ

Jun 09, 2014
TBI took my life
by: Joy

Hi Sherri

What a terrible ordeal you have been through and the lack of concern by the medical profession is terrible! Most of them are rather clueless when it comes to the benefits of progesterone, or choose not to understand.

If you want to have your hormone tested you can contact either Birmingham Hospital or ZRT Labs. You might want to read the page on TBI page and view the videos there. Perhaps show your doctors the page too. Progesterone certainly does help, as much as 1200mg progesterone is given to TBI suffers which excellent results. The page on Anxiety may also help you.

I wish you well.

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